WIP Status and Trailer Stats

Hey, everyone! It's been a while since I last did an update. Well, I finally found the time to analyze where I am currently in terms of my WIP. I'm on my second revision of the manuscript. During this revision session, I have revised 28 chapter (out of 95) and have added 6 more chapters in … Continue reading WIP Status and Trailer Stats

Trailer Stats and WIP Update

I love statistics!! I really do, especially online statistics! I just went out to You Tube recently to check out how my novel’s trailer (Death’s Island) was doing and I was amazed to find that it had jumped so high in its number in views since I last looked. Since I first posted my trailer … Continue reading Trailer Stats and WIP Update

New Manuscript Update

It’s the end of another semester. A time where I review the work I’ve done on my latest manuscript. Though, I have three in line, I’ve been focusing the past several months on what was known as ‘project one’. It has upgraded to ‘manuscript one’ – yeah I know, big upgrade LOL (title TBA). I’ve … Continue reading New Manuscript Update