Ketch’s Sketches: Isis Box/ Ankh/ Darn Camel

If you couldn’t tell, art is a major part of my life. And to keep my mind fresh with inspiration for my The Descendants of Isis Trilogy, I’ve been turning out sketch after sketch of different Egyptian based settings, gods, and creatures. But recently, I have also expanded into watercolor and acrylic paints for the first time … Continue reading Ketch’s Sketches: Isis Box/ Ankh/ Darn Camel

Easter Eggs–Old Salem, North Carolina

This Easter weekend, my family and I decided to start off by heading up to Old Salem for lunch. Yep, drove two hours for a wonderful lunch. We got to sit outside in the cool weather in a colonial setting. However, to our surprise, it was also a special event day for Easter and at … Continue reading Easter Eggs–Old Salem, North Carolina