Roanoke Island, North Carolina

During my stay at the Outer Banks, I decided to trail back a little and visit Roanoke Island for the first time. I’ll be honest I hadn’t ever given the island much thought before, even though I drive through it every time I head towards Nags Head. But, there are truly some hidden treasures there, … Continue reading Roanoke Island, North Carolina

A Pirate’s Tall Tale – Outer Banks

Ahoy, me maties! Gather around the fireplace and hold onto your mugs of rum. Lead-foot Jones: RUM! This be ice tea! Work with me here, Jones. I’m about to tell you of me adventure to the Outer Banks. I landed me boat, the Forester, on the shores of Kitty Hawk. A lovely town, but filled … Continue reading A Pirate’s Tall Tale – Outer Banks