A Whole New Adventure is About to Begin

Last weekend before I start my adventure taking statistical courses at the local university. Despite it being seven years since I was last in a classroom, I feel as ready as I can be. With classes overlapping my typical work schedule, I have already planned to make up the time during lunch breaks and on … Continue reading A Whole New Adventure is About to Begin

This Year’s NaNoWriMo Project

It’s the start of the National Novel Writing Month. This is my 3rd year participating, but it is the first year I’m actually writing a first draft. Usually, I’m either revising or editing. The WIP I’ll be working on is titled Bly. It’s about an American witch who moves to England to get away from … Continue reading This Year’s NaNoWriMo Project

No, I Haven’t Gone Missing: New Novel Research

Yes! She lives!!!! I know I have been offline for quite a while now. But my little co-writer (my cat) and I have been so immersed in this new series I’ve started. Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten Death’s Curse! But this next book has just completely runaway with my imagination and I just have to … Continue reading No, I Haven’t Gone Missing: New Novel Research

Trailer Stats and WIP Update

I love statistics!! I really do, especially online statistics! I just went out to You Tube recently to check out how my novel’s trailer (Death’s Island) was doing and I was amazed to find that it had jumped so high in its number in views since I last looked. Since I first posted my trailer … Continue reading Trailer Stats and WIP Update

New Manuscript Update

It’s the end of another semester. A time where I review the work I’ve done on my latest manuscript. Though, I have three in line, I’ve been focusing the past several months on what was known as ‘project one’. It has upgraded to ‘manuscript one’ – yeah I know, big upgrade LOL (title TBA). I’ve … Continue reading New Manuscript Update

Words of Battle

A few days ago, I finished writing my first draft of a battle scene for my next manuscript. I thought finding the right words would come easily after writing and revising Death Island. However, I guess it has been so long that I forgot how difficult the process can become. It’s like playing chess, except … Continue reading Words of Battle