No, I Haven’t Gone Missing: New Novel Research

Yes! She lives!!!! I know I have been offline for quite a while now. But my little co-writer (my cat) and I have been so immersed in this new series I’ve started. Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten Death’s Curse! But this next book has just completely runaway with my imagination and I just have to … Continue reading No, I Haven’t Gone Missing: New Novel Research

I Have Returned!

I’m back! And where have I’ve been, you may ask? Well, believe it or not, I’ve been on a road trip across the Northeast. *Squeals* I had so much fun! I got to visit four fabulous places, which I will be posting individual posts and pictures on in the near future: Greenfield Village, MI Hurley, … Continue reading I Have Returned!

Manuscript Playlists

All right. So, have you ever had it were you’re working on one WIP, but you have three other concepts just begging for your attention? I mean, it’s like having three kids tugging at your sleeves, trying to drag you in totally different directions. All the while you’re trying to focus at the task at … Continue reading Manuscript Playlists

Trailer Stats and WIP Update

I love statistics!! I really do, especially online statistics! I just went out to You Tube recently to check out how my novel’s trailer (Death’s Island) was doing and I was amazed to find that it had jumped so high in its number in views since I last looked. Since I first posted my trailer … Continue reading Trailer Stats and WIP Update

Holiday Break Update

The spring semester has started up again. But, before I head back to class, I wanted to take the time to quickly post an update of what I have completed over the holiday break. New Manuscript: My new manuscript has reached 216 pages out of a goal of 450 pages: 48% completed. With that, I … Continue reading Holiday Break Update

New Manuscript Update

It’s the end of another semester. A time where I review the work I’ve done on my latest manuscript. Though, I have three in line, I’ve been focusing the past several months on what was known as ‘project one’. It has upgraded to ‘manuscript one’ – yeah I know, big upgrade LOL (title TBA). I’ve … Continue reading New Manuscript Update

Words of Battle

  A few days ago, I finished writing my first draft of a battle scene for my next manuscript. I thought finding the right words would come easily after writing and revising Death’s Island. However, I guess it has been so long that I forgot how difficult the process can become. It’s like playing chess, … Continue reading Words of Battle