777 Games… A Daughter of Isis Excerpt

I would like to thank A.H. Amin, author of Psychs, for tagging in this intriguing game. You can have a look inside his novel by reading his 777 post here. Here are the Rules: Go to either page 7 or 77 of your manuscript. Count down seven lines and paste the next seven lines in a post. … Continue reading 777 Games… A Daughter of Isis Excerpt

Query/ Submission/ Life Update

Wow, the months are just slipping through my fingers. First July, then August, and now, September. Ugh, why does time have to fly? Anyway, I already told you about finishing up the second draft of A Son of Set (The Descendants of Isis #2). *happy dance* But the other thing I had been focused lately … Continue reading Query/ Submission/ Life Update

A Daughter of Isis Playlist

I thought just as a fun post, since I haven't really posted anything on my writing for a while, that I post A Daughter of Isis playlist this weekend. Unfortunately, I couldn't get Playlist.com or anything to really work out, so I'm listing the track titles, artists, and albums. If I could find a YouTube version, I … Continue reading A Daughter of Isis Playlist

On the Query Road Again

Siri: “Here are directions to Query Road.” Aww… On the road again. Yep, I’m starting my second query adventure. This time, though, I’m looking for an agent to represent A Daughter of Isis, the first novel of The Descendants of Isis trilogy. It’s funny, but when I think of querying, I find it’s like planning … Continue reading On the Query Road Again

Temporarily Out of My Mind – Back in 5 Minutes!

Help! I’ve been captured by the Sons of Set! Well, not really. I’ve just been pulled deeper into my novel’s world. This is why I haven’t been around of late nor posting book reviews – which are, now, stacked a mile high on my desk. I will get around to these and more explanations later. … Continue reading Temporarily Out of My Mind – Back in 5 Minutes!

November Writing Inspiration

Okay, things have really turned around this month and now my mind is buried under more awesome ideas and concepts for novels. I’m, of course, focusing on Death’s Curse (DI3), which is coming along nicely. As I had also mentioned I’ve also been outlining chapters for my book on the Lost Colony, another single novel, … Continue reading November Writing Inspiration

Bookish Tag

Sorry I haven’t been around. I’ve been ill since Friday night. Figures, two weeks into summer break and I get sick. Yuck! Anyway, I did try to stop by twitter and youtube when I could, trying to keep in the loop. Well, yesterday I found an awesome vlog posted by Farrah and Britney over at … Continue reading Bookish Tag