Halloween Contest!

Hi, everyone! So, here it is! My first contest! Yay! And it's international! The objective - Guess My Halloween Costume!!! So, each week, I will post a new hint. Each week, you have an opportunity to take a guess (a total of four guesses 🙂 )! The First to guess correctly is the winner (contest ends … Continue reading Halloween Contest!

Halloween Count Down! 30 days

  Finally, it's October - I've been waiting since August 16th for this day! Thirty-one days of Black, Orange, Green, and Purple! Who can just celebrate one day of Spooks, Ghosts, Witches, and the Paranormal!   During the month, I'll be posting Halloween Create a Scene Tuesdays, some spooky books and movies, and a contest … Continue reading Halloween Count Down! 30 days