Random Fun: Wordle.net

Thanks to Lisa Rivero, author of Oscar's Gift, I discovered Woldle.net. It's a free, online toy that creates colorful word clouds from text or websites. The resulting image shows the most-used words in terms of size. The larger the words are, the more often they are used. Here is the result for Ketch's Book Nook: Wordle.net also allows you … Continue reading Random Fun: Wordle.net

The ‘Tails’ of Batdog and Wiener

(This story is dedicated to my corgi, Tucker, who died of cancer December 2009. Last fall when I was walking him, I had to use a flashlight and when the beam hit the back of his head, the shadow on the ground looked like the back of Batman’s mask. This led me to give him … Continue reading The ‘Tails’ of Batdog and Wiener