{Updated} Treacherous Trail – Death Island

Zack’s smirk returned. “What a waste.” He pulled his hand from under my shirt and started to play with a few strands of my hair. “You are such a lovely creature.” I cocked my brow, bewildered by his remark, while he lifted my hair to his nose and took a whiff. “Despite everything, I can … Continue reading {Updated} Treacherous Trail – Death Island

{Updated} The Map Revealed – Death Island

Squirming in my own living flesh, I dropped the leather back onto my side table, brushing my hands of the awful sensation crawling through my veins. Human skin! F***ing tanned human skin! My great-grandfather really had gone mental. Yet I couldn’t shake off my curiosity of the patterned blood. Blood that shimmered in the dark. … Continue reading {Updated} The Map Revealed – Death Island