{Updated} Last Flight of the Jolly Roger – Death Island

Lining up, broad side, right before the Viper was a ragged skeleton of an old man-of-war, which drifted gently just beyond the fog and hidden rocks. The entire bow and forecastle were engulfed in towering flames. The torn-up sails stained with ash. At the aft of the ship waved a tattered red flag with a … Continue reading {Updated} Last Flight of the Jolly Roger – Death Island

{Updated} Explosive Escape – Death Island

A full list of curses swirled through my mind. I thought Baker’s men would’ve chased everyone outside and looked for us in the panicked crowd. But one of them must have spied us running up the stairs and into this room. I turned back to the window. The only exit out of this cheap-shit room. … Continue reading {Updated} Explosive Escape – Death Island

{Updated} Mayhem – Death Island

I kneed him between the legs. With a high-pitched groan, the pirate dropped his sword and collapsed to the floor, where I then kicked him in the jaw. He flew backwards, blood trickling from his lip. The pirate whirled his bloodshot eyes on me, raised his legs, and shoved me back into the chairs. My … Continue reading {Updated} Mayhem – Death Island

{Updated} Treacherous Trail – Death Island

Zack’s smirk returned. “What a waste.” He pulled his hand from under my shirt and started to play with a few strands of my hair. “You are such a lovely creature.” I cocked my brow, bewildered by his remark, while he lifted my hair to his nose and took a whiff. “Despite everything, I can … Continue reading {Updated} Treacherous Trail – Death Island

{Updated} The Map Revealed – Death Island

Squirming in my own living flesh, I dropped the leather back onto my side table, brushing my hands of the awful sensation crawling through my veins. Human skin! F***ing tanned human skin! My great-grandfather really had gone mental. Yet I couldn’t shake off my curiosity of the patterned blood. Blood that shimmered in the dark. … Continue reading {Updated} The Map Revealed – Death Island