Set (Seth), God of the Desert and Chaos

Greek Name: Seth Egyptian Name: Set Associated Animal: Set animal (Sha) Main Cult Center: Ombos Naqada Role: Chaos; infertility; desert; storms As you can guess, Set plays a major role in the Descendants of Isis series. The god himself making an appearance in the final novel. But Set is a very complicated character, both in … Continue reading Set (Seth), God of the Desert and Chaos

Ra, Sun God

Greek Name: N/A Egyptian Name: Ra; Re Associated Animal/Object: Falcon; sun disk Main Cult Center: Heliopolis Role: Creator; solar Ra is an essential background character in the Descendants of Isis, for it is his secret name which Natara and Seth have to protect from Set. The Egyptians considered the sun to be a potent life … Continue reading Ra, Sun God

Osiris (Asir), God of the Dead and Agriculture

Greek Name: Osiris Egyptian Name: Asir; Un-nefer Associated Objects: Crook and Flail; djed -pillar Main Cult Center: Abydos and Busiris Role: Death; Afterlife; Rebirth; Fertility; Agriculture The Osiris myth is the backbone to my series, the Descendants of Isis. Osiris was the first son of Geb (god of the earth) and Nut (goddess of the … Continue reading Osiris (Asir), God of the Dead and Agriculture

Nephthys (Nebthwt), Goddess of Protection and Funerals

Greek Name: Nephthys Egyptian Name: Nebthwt Associated Objects: Basket and enclosure Main Cult Center: Heliopolis, Senu, Hebet, Per-mert, Re-nefert, Het-sekhem, Het-Khas, Ta-kehset, and Diospolite Role: Protection; Funerary Often depicted in human form with a basket on top of an enclosure wall on her head, Nephthys can also be represented by a hawk, a kite (bird), … Continue reading Nephthys (Nebthwt), Goddess of Protection and Funerals

Ma ‘at, Goddess of Truth

Greek Name: Not applicable Egyptian Name: Ma ‘at Associated Objects: Ostrich feature and plinth (stone platform) Main Cult Center: All of Egypt Role: Order; Truth; Justice Ma ‘at was important to the concepts of the universe as well as the balance and divine order in ancient Egypt. Her name translates to “that which is straight.” … Continue reading Ma ‘at, Goddess of Truth

Horus (Heru), God of the Sky and Kingship

Greek Name: Horus Egyptian Name: Heru Associated Animal: Falcon Main Cult Center: Edfu, Hierakonpolis, Behdet Role: Sky; Kingship Horus himself appears only once in my series, Descendants of Isis; however, the Eye of Horus plays a major role within the novel. The name Horus translates into “he who is above” or “that which is above,” … Continue reading Horus (Heru), God of the Sky and Kingship

Geb (Seb), God of the Earth

Greek Name: Geb Egyptian Name: Seb or Keb Associated Animals: Goose, Snake, and Bull Main Cult Center: Heliopolis Role: Earth; Fertility Geb isn’t included in the Descendants of Isis series, but without him, there wouldn’t be a series. Geb is the god of the earth. He is the son of Shu, the god of air, … Continue reading Geb (Seb), God of the Earth

Bastet (B’sst), Goddess of Women and the Household

Greek Name: Ailuros Egyptian Name: B’sst; Bast; Bastet Associated Animal: Lioness and Domestic Cat Main Cult Center: Bubastis Role: Protector of Women and the Household Bastet was the goddess of the household, women’s secrets, cats, fertility, and childbirth. As one of the most popular goddesses of ancient Egypt, she was mostly known for protecting the … Continue reading Bastet (B’sst), Goddess of Women and the Household

Anubis (Anpu), God of Embalmment

Greek Name: Anubis Egyptian Name: Anpu Associated Animals: Jackal and Pharaoh Hound Main Cult Center: Hardai (Cynopolis) Role: Cemeteries; embalming Anubis is my most favorite god of the whole Egyptian Patheon. He is the earliest god depicted on tomb walls and invoked for the protections of the dead. His name meaning “to decay” signifies his … Continue reading Anubis (Anpu), God of Embalmment

Isis (Aset)—Goddess and Queen of Egypt

Now a days, when we hear the name Isis, we automatically think of terrorism and destruction. This is mostly thanks to the media continually using it to refer to a group known for these attributes, which has actually switched between many different acronyms in short periods of time. However, the name Isis once was revered, … Continue reading Isis (Aset)—Goddess and Queen of Egypt