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Ketch’s Sketches: Afternoon Inspiration

If the above sketch looks familiar, you might have seen the pose in your grocery store. I’m not one to read fashion magazines, but when I saw the model on the cover my jaw dropped. She looked almost exactly how I imagined one of my characters I have developed, Morgan. That’s right, she’s a mermaid.… Continue reading Ketch’s Sketches: Afternoon Inspiration

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Blog Interview, In My Mailbox, and Follow Friday

First, Blog Interview: Check out Magan's blog site to see a little about Death's Island and my journey of finding an agent. You can find the Interview at  or click My biggest Query Inspiration under Interviews - - -> Second, In My Mailbox: I'm so excited! I just got six of my books from Amazon last week from the series… Continue reading Blog Interview, In My Mailbox, and Follow Friday