Manuscript Playlists

All right. So, have you ever had it were you’re working on one WIP, but you have three other concepts just begging for your attention? I mean, it’s like having three kids tugging at your sleeves, trying to drag you in totally different directions. All the while you’re trying to focus at the task at … Continue reading Manuscript Playlists

Cabin Fever

I usually love a rainy day. It's a perfect time to write and read. However, today will be the third day straight and I'm starting to get cabin fever. Don't worry, I won't be breaking into song and dance any time soon - I'll let the Muppets do that. LOL. I have to admit the weather has … Continue reading Cabin Fever

Ketch’s Sketches: Afternoon Inspiration

If the above sketch looks familiar, you might have seen the pose in your grocery store. I’m not one to read fashion magazines, but when I saw the model on the cover my jaw dropped. She looked almost exactly how I imagined one of my characters I have developed, Morgan. That’s right, she’s a mermaid. … Continue reading Ketch’s Sketches: Afternoon Inspiration

Old Salem, North Carolina

This weekend, I was able to escape for a short time, about five hours to be exact, into the colonial era. Old Salem is a Moravian community (established 1766) located in Winston – Salem. This is one of the best spots to visit if you’re interested in history. But, this is no usual colonial town. … Continue reading Old Salem, North Carolina

Meet an Author Monday

Hey, guys! Sorry, I couldn't come up with a blog post for this Meet an Author Monday. Been kind of busy here. Hope everything is well with you guys and feel free to explore my past couple of posts. Best, Kelsey! Meet an Author Mondayhosted by Confessions of a California Cheer Mom!    Here’s how Meet … Continue reading Meet an Author Monday

Fill in the Blanks…

Liberty at libertyfallsdown always finds the coolest meme to post (Totally check out her blog and her amazing short stories). Today is one from QWERTYmum and Carole Finds Her Wings in a challenge to fill in the blanks. So, here it goes: I am... a writer; a graduate student; a daughter; an only child; a … Continue reading Fill in the Blanks…

Death Island Bachelors

Happy Valentine’s Day! As a treat I thought I would post Death’s Island’s five most eligible young bachelors that are entangled in Meriden’s life. Yes, I said 'five'! (What? Is Meriden like the only girl on board the Orion? Oh yeah, she is - lucky duck.) Today, I’m just going to give snippets of each … Continue reading Death Island Bachelors

Valentine Playlist

Valentine's Day is almost here! A time for romance, flowers, and chocolate. I remember in Castle (ABC) one of the questions they ask was: "When do you know you're in love?" The answer was "When all the songs make sense." So, I know this is just a quick post, but I thought I share some … Continue reading Valentine Playlist

Where Do You Write?

Today’s Meet an Author Monday has a special theme: “Where you write”. The photo to the left is my colonial style – Adams office – desk, one of many places I write. You can see my poor, old laptop, my favorite journal, two of my favorite mugs (one of which is Dilbert saying “This has … Continue reading Where Do You Write?

How much is too much?

Book series come in many sizes. Nobody’s Princess is a series of two books. Dan Brown’s Robert Langdon has three. Harry Potter consists of seven novels. And a variety of mystery series extend over ten. But, when is a series complete? There are signs that a series is becoming too long. The issue I notice … Continue reading How much is too much?