Happy Christmas!!

Little school spirit this year. My little cabin. Thanks to some Close friends, I got my little dragon in a stocking this year. 🙂 My cat loves his toy from my uncle and aunt. Yes, even the cat gets spoiled by the family. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!! HOPE YOU ENJOY!

Merry Christmas and Happy Boxing Day

Even a blasted cold virus wouldn’t bring my Holidays to a screeching halt. Since Christmas Eve, I’ve been spending time with my family here in North Carolina and participating in fun family activities. We spent Christmas morning under the tree where I received the novel Matched by Ally Condie, a sketch book, Ginny Weasley’s  wand, … Continue reading Merry Christmas and Happy Boxing Day

A Pirate’s Night Before Chrismas

This weekend had been a lot of fun! Reading Christmas cards, decorating, writing another chapter of my new manuscript, reading... I even sorted through some old research and sketches I have from my first novel, Death's Island. This was a great benefit! Not only is everything well orginized, but I found some old research which I … Continue reading A Pirate’s Night Before Chrismas

Meet An Author Monday

Hi! If you haven't heard from me this weekend - don't worry! I wasn't abducted by aliens. I was pretty busy getting my holiday shopping done. Now, I just have to wrap, pack, and ship. Yay! The other thing I got to do over the weekend was go to Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows … Continue reading Meet An Author Monday