Ketch’s Sketches: Gregory Wilson

Sketching Meriden a few weeks back has inspired a new idea, one that a stem off of my Valentine’s Day post, Death Island Bachelors. I have decided to sketch each eligible bachelor from Death Island. However, unlike the Meriden and the other girls, this is going to take me a little longer. Therefore, I’m going … Continue reading Ketch’s Sketches: Gregory Wilson

Death Island Bachelors

Happy Valentine’s Day! As a treat I thought I would post Death’s Island’s five most eligible young bachelors that are entangled in Meriden’s life. Yes, I said 'five'! (What? Is Meriden like the only girl on board the Orion? Oh yeah, she is - lucky duck.) Today, I’m just going to give snippets of each … Continue reading Death Island Bachelors

The Writer’s Hydra

Over the past few years, I’ve mainly forced on the final touches for Death’s Island. Editing, cropping, and finalizing until I have reached the complete manuscript. Now, I think back to how I started. Like any hero, a writer must face three challenges before starting their journey: Settings, Plot Line, and Characters. I call them … Continue reading The Writer’s Hydra