Merry Christmas and Happy Boxing Day

Even a blasted cold virus wouldn’t bring my Holidays to a screeching halt. Since Christmas Eve, I’ve been spending time with my family here in North Carolina and participating in fun family activities. We spent Christmas morning under the tree where I received the novel Matched by Ally Condie, a sketch book, Ginny Weasley’s  wand, … Continue reading Merry Christmas and Happy Boxing Day

Happy Halloween!

 Happy Halloween!!! Yay! Halloween has finally come! The house is ready. Withchs, bats, and crows in the windows. The great pumpkin sits by the gate. Renaldo greets the children, hanging around and looking for any candy handout. Interestingly enough, the first trick or treater was not a child, but our neighborhood cat, Nikki. Fotunately, I … Continue reading Happy Halloween!

Halloween Count Down! 30 days

  Finally, it's October - I've been waiting since August 16th for this day! Thirty-one days of Black, Orange, Green, and Purple! Who can just celebrate one day of Spooks, Ghosts, Witches, and the Paranormal!   During the month, I'll be posting Halloween Create a Scene Tuesdays, some spooky books and movies, and a contest … Continue reading Halloween Count Down! 30 days