November 2012 Monthly Raffle Giveaway

Welcome again to my Monthly Raffle Giveway! But this month, there's a twist! Since tomorrow is my birthday, I decided this month I will select two winners! That's right, TWO winners! One on November 11th and one on November 12th. So be sure to enter for a chance to win one book from my ‘Monthly Raffle Book List,’ … Continue reading November 2012 Monthly Raffle Giveaway

Costume Party Blog Hop!

Happy Halloween and welcome to the Ketch Tavern’s Costume Party Blog Hop! I’m celebrating Halloween (and having an early birthday celebration) by host a weekend long blog hop. I had gotten this wonderful idea from my friend, Magan @ The Punching Bag Fights Back, when she held a similar blog hop for her birthday back … Continue reading Costume Party Blog Hop!