{Sunday Musings} Mid-Year Check In

Hope everyone is well and safe. Thought I take a moment and check in. Things haven’t exactly been brilliant, particularly with my health. I used my sketch, the Egyptian Ib, as the image for this post because I feel it’s symbolic of a few aspects currently happening in my life. But, let me first explain … Continue reading {Sunday Musings} Mid-Year Check In

Anubis Plushie Crocheting Pattern

Though writing is my passion, one hobby I picked up in November 2016 was crocheting. And like always, instead of starting with hats and scarves, I started with the most challenging items I could find: plushies. What can I say, I need something to keep my interest as I work. However, when I wanted to … Continue reading Anubis Plushie Crocheting Pattern

Anubis (Anpu), God of Embalmment

Greek Name: Anubis Egyptian Name: Anpu Associated Animals: Jackal and Pharaoh Hound Main Cult Center: Hardai (Cynopolis) Role: Cemeteries; embalming Anubis is my most favorite god of the whole Egyptian Patheon. He is the earliest god depicted on tomb walls and invoked for the protections of the dead. His name meaning “to decay” signifies his … Continue reading Anubis (Anpu), God of Embalmment

Gods of the Dead: A Comparison of Anpu (Anubis) and Ah Puch

Looking at how different cultures perceive death, we can start to understand how they embrace it. Especially when it comes to how they shape their afterlife, the gods who run it, and the roles those gods play in everyday life. From first glance, one can detect several similarities between ancient Egyptian and ancient Mayan perspectives … Continue reading Gods of the Dead: A Comparison of Anpu (Anubis) and Ah Puch

{Character Interview} Anubis from Descendants of Isis by @KelseyKetch

Happy Thanksgiving! Today, I have posted an interview with one of my minor characters, Anubis, from the Descendant of Isis. As transcribed from an interview held in Duat. Kelsey: Holy cr*p-sh*t! It’s bloody cold down here. Anubis: *Laughs* You’ll get used to it. K: Not likely. I hate the cold. How do you even stand … Continue reading {Character Interview} Anubis from Descendants of Isis by @KelseyKetch