{#AtoZChallenge} Anubis (Anpu), God of Embalmment

Greek Name: Anubis Egyptian Name: Anpu Associated Animals: Jackal and Pharaoh Hound Main Cult Center: Hardai (Cynopolis) Role: Cemeteries; embalming Anubis is my most favorite god of the whole Egyptian Patheon. He is the earliest god depicted on tomb walls and invoked for the protections of the dead. His name meaning “to decay” signifies his … Continue reading {#AtoZChallenge} Anubis (Anpu), God of Embalmment

{Personality Quiz} Which Egyptian God/dess are You?

Take the quiz and comment your results below. 1. Choose your favorite color from the list. A. Gold B. Blue C. Green/Black D. Yellow E. Red 2. Pick a food item that most represents you. A. Meat B. Honey C. Pomegranate D. Bread E. Lettuce 3. What super powers do you want? A. Shape shifting … Continue reading {Personality Quiz} Which Egyptian God/dess are You?

Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum, San Jose, California

The past week, I visited the Bay Area of San Francisco, and one of the places I went to was Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum. According to their website, the buildings are all inspired by the Temple of Amon, and that this Museum holds the largest collection of Egyptian artifacts in western North America--including items from pre-dynastic to Egypt's early … Continue reading Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum, San Jose, California

Gods of the Dead: A Comparison of Anpu (Anubis) and Ah Puch

Looking at how different cultures perceive death, we can start to understand how they embrace it. Especially when it comes to how they shape their afterlife, the gods who run it, and the roles those gods play in everyday life. From first glance, one can detect several similarities between ancient Egyptian and ancient Mayan perspectives … Continue reading Gods of the Dead: A Comparison of Anpu (Anubis) and Ah Puch

Isis (Aset)—Goddess and Queen of Egypt

Now a days, when we hear the name Isis, we automatically think of terrorism and destruction. This is mostly thanks to the media continually using it to refer to a group known for these attributes, which has actually switched between many different acronyms in short periods of time. However, the name Isis once was revered, … Continue reading Isis (Aset)—Goddess and Queen of Egypt