Valley Forge National Historical Park, Pennsylvania

Valley Forge National Historical Park consists of 3,600-acre of rolling hills, forests, and sprawling fields. It was here that General George Washington settled down in a winter encampment in 1777 and forged his Continental Army into a fighting force. Also, Valley Forge is my inspiration and the starting place of Sam’s adventure in my upcoming … Continue reading Valley Forge National Historical Park, Pennsylvania

I Have Returned!

I’m back! And where have I’ve been, you may ask? Well, believe it or not, I’ve been on a road trip across the Northeast. *Squeals* I had so much fun! I got to visit four fabulous places, which I will be posting individual posts and pictures on in the near future: Greenfield Village, MI Hurley, … Continue reading I Have Returned!

House in the Horseshoe, North Carolina

This weekend, I traveled to view a historic planation, the House in the Horseshoe, in northern Moore County, an hour southwest from Raleigh. Amongst the fields of corn and hay, on a hilltop above the Deep River, is one of the first large houses of North Carolina’s upland frontier built around 1772 by Phillip Alston. … Continue reading House in the Horseshoe, North Carolina

Historic Halifax, North Carolina

Out in the north east corner of the state, about an hour and a half away from Raleigh, is the little town of Halifax. This small town has few buildings and farms. It is situated by the Roanoke River, which runs into the Albemarle Sound. Though it is hard to believe, this small town once … Continue reading Historic Halifax, North Carolina