Valley of the Kings

Since the beginning of the New Kingdom, pharaohs were no longer buried in pyramids. Instead, they were placed in tombs that were cut into the cliffs of the Valley of the Kings. The Valley of the Kings consists of two remote, desert valleys that come together on the west bank of the Nile, across from … Continue reading Valley of the Kings

Ka (The Egyptian Life Force)

Ka is the essence that makes the difference between the living and the dead. The concept of ka had undergone changes over the millennia and had different meanings depending on the social settings. Various translations include soul, life-force, and will. The closest translation in English is “life-creating force.” It was portrayed in several ways: a … Continue reading Ka (The Egyptian Life Force)

False Doors

False doors are a stylized representation of an actual door, which allowed the deities’ or the deceased’s spirits metaphysical access to and from the temple or tomb. The majority of false doors are found in tombs and mortuary temples. They were placed on the west wall of the offering chamber. The west being associated with … Continue reading False Doors

Emerging in Daytime

According to the ancient Egyptians, death occurred when the ka (life energy) was recalled by Osiris into the afterlife and separated from the body. The ba (soul) then had to travel into Duat to reunite with its ka. When this happened, the individual became known as an akh, or transfigured spirit. The newly transfigured spirit … Continue reading Emerging in Daytime

Canopic Jars

Canopic jars were used to separate and contain the internal organs of the deceased. These were placed in the burial chamber with the sarcophagus. During the mummification process, ancient Egyptians went to great lengths to ensure the preservation of the entire body for the afterlife, particularly the vital organs. These organs (the lungs, liver, stomach … Continue reading Canopic Jars

The Weighing of the Heart: the Sins and Virtues of the Descendants of Isis

In my series, the Descendants of Isis, one of the ancient beliefs I refer to regularly, especially when it comes to Seth O’Keefe’s sacrifice, is the Weighing of the Heart. In saving Natti, a sin in itself, Seth has given up his god’s protection over his heart, and with it, his chances of an eternal … Continue reading The Weighing of the Heart: the Sins and Virtues of the Descendants of Isis