{#AtoZChallenge} Ib (The Egyptian Heart)

I was originally going to do a post on the goddess Isis (since she is a major part of my writing) when I remembered I already had written and posted an article about her. If you like to read that post, you’ll find it here. And today, I’m going to speak a little bit about … Continue reading {#AtoZChallenge} Ib (The Egyptian Heart)

{#AtoZChallenge} Horus (Heru), God of the Sky and Kingship

Greek Name: Horus Egyptian Name: Heru Associated Animal: Falcon Main Cult Center: Edfu, Hierakonpolis, Behdet Role: Sky; Kingship Horus himself appears only once in my series, Descendants of Isis; however, the Eye of Horus plays a major role within the novel. The name Horus translates into “he who is above” or “that which is above,” … Continue reading {#AtoZChallenge} Horus (Heru), God of the Sky and Kingship

{#AtoZChallenge} Geb (Seb), God of the Earth

Greek Name: Geb Egyptian Name: Seb or Keb Associated Animals: Goose, Snake, and Bull Main Cult Center: Heliopolis Role: Earth; Fertility Geb isn’t included in the Descendants of Isis series, but without him, there wouldn’t be a series. Geb is the god of the earth. He is the son of Shu, the god of air, … Continue reading {#AtoZChallenge} Geb (Seb), God of the Earth

{#AtoZChallenge} False Doors

False doors are a stylized representation of an actual door, which allowed the deities’ or the deceased’s spirits metaphysical access to and from the temple or tomb. The majority of false doors are found in tombs and mortuary temples. They were placed on the west wall of the offering chamber. The west being associated with … Continue reading {#AtoZChallenge} False Doors

{#AtoZChallenge} Emerging in Daytime

According to the ancient Egyptians, death occurred when the ka (life energy) was recalled by Osiris into the afterlife and separated from the body. The ba (soul) then had to travel into Duat to reunite with its ka. When this happened, the individual became known as an akh, or transfigured spirit. The newly transfigured spirit … Continue reading {#AtoZChallenge} Emerging in Daytime

{#AtoZChallenge} Duat

In Egypt, death was not a termination, but a transition. A way to move on to eternal life. The afterlife is nearly a mirror-image of life on earth. However, Duat (also known as the netherworld) relates more to hell in today’s religions. The word Duat is a very old one. It describes a place of … Continue reading {#AtoZChallenge} Duat

{#AtoZChallenge} Canopic Jars

Canopic jars were used to separate and contain the internal organs of the deceased. These were placed in the burial chamber with the sarcophagus. During the mummification process, ancient Egyptians went to great lengths to ensure the preservation of the entire body for the afterlife, particularly the vital organs. These organs (the lungs, liver, stomach … Continue reading {#AtoZChallenge} Canopic Jars

{#AtoZChallenge} Bastet (B’sst), Goddess of Women and the Household

Greek Name: Ailuros Egyptian Name: B’sst; Bast; Bastet Associated Animal: Lioness and Domestic Cat Main Cult Center: Bubastis Role: Protector of Women and the Household Bastet was the goddess of the household, women’s secrets, cats, fertility, and childbirth. As one of the most popular goddesses of ancient Egypt, she was mostly known for protecting the … Continue reading {#AtoZChallenge} Bastet (B’sst), Goddess of Women and the Household

{#AtoZChallenge} Anubis (Anpu), God of Embalmment

Greek Name: Anubis Egyptian Name: Anpu Associated Animals: Jackal and Pharaoh Hound Main Cult Center: Hardai (Cynopolis) Role: Cemeteries; embalming Anubis is my most favorite god of the whole Egyptian Patheon. He is the earliest god depicted on tomb walls and invoked for the protections of the dead. His name meaning “to decay” signifies his … Continue reading {#AtoZChallenge} Anubis (Anpu), God of Embalmment

#ThemeReveal for the 2018 #AtoZChallenge

The April A to Z Challenge is around the corner, and I'll be a first time participate! If you aren't familiar with the challenge, bloggers from all over the world will post 26 topics from A to Z throughout the month of April. This week, we're revealing our themes. for a full list of participants … Continue reading #ThemeReveal for the 2018 #AtoZChallenge