A Pirate’s Tall Tale – Outer Banks

Ahoy, me maties! Gather around the fireplace and hold onto your mugs of rum. Lead-foot Jones: RUM! This be ice tea! Work with me here, Jones. I’m about to tell you of me adventure to the Outer Banks. I landed me boat, the Forester, on the shores of Kitty Hawk. A lovely town, but filled … Continue reading A Pirate’s Tall Tale – Outer Banks

Moby Dick V.S. the Kraken Followup

I would like to thank everyone who contributed to the Moby Dick V.S. the Kraken poll.  You contributions inspired the story below. Picture this as if you were watching a Discovery documentary with the voice talent of Martin Sheen. Somewhere in the dark depths of the ocean, an epic battle is about to begin. The … Continue reading Moby Dick V.S. the Kraken Followup

The ‘Tails’ of Batdog and Wiener

(This story is dedicated to my corgi, Tucker, who died of cancer December 2009. Last fall when I was walking him, I had to use a flashlight and when the beam hit the back of his head, the shadow on the ground looked like the back of Batman’s mask. This led me to give him … Continue reading The ‘Tails’ of Batdog and Wiener