On the Query Road Again

Siri: “Here are directions to Query Road.” Aww… On the road again. Yep, I’m starting my second query adventure. This time, though, I’m looking for an agent to represent A Daughter of Isis, the first novel of The Descendants of Isis trilogy. It’s funny, but when I think of querying, I find it’s like planning … Continue reading On the Query Road Again

199 Queries

From August 2009 to June 2010, I had sent out 199 queries. 199 queries, most of which were rejections or no responses. But, June 15th, a shining star glittered in my inbox. Bree Ogden, after receiving my full manuscript, offered representation for Death’s Island. I signed the contact Wednesday. I very excited to be working with her and … Continue reading 199 Queries