Temporarily Out of My Mind – Back in 5 Minutes!

Help! I’ve been captured by the Sons of Set! Well, not really. I’ve just been pulled deeper into my novel’s world. This is why I haven’t been around of late nor posting book reviews – which are, now, stacked a mile high on my desk. I will get around to these and more explanations later. … Continue reading Temporarily Out of My Mind – Back in 5 Minutes!

No, I Haven’t Gone Missing: New Novel Research

Yes! She lives!!!! I know I have been offline for quite a while now. But my little co-writer (my cat) and I have been so immersed in this new series I’ve started. Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten Death’s Curse! But this next book has just completely runaway with my imagination and I just have to … Continue reading No, I Haven’t Gone Missing: New Novel Research

November Writing Inspiration

Okay, things have really turned around this month and now my mind is buried under more awesome ideas and concepts for novels. I’m, of course, focusing on Death’s Curse (DI3), which is coming along nicely. As I had also mentioned I’ve also been outlining chapters for my book on the Lost Colony, another single novel, … Continue reading November Writing Inspiration

Writing and Ecology – What Worlds We Could Build

I have an awesome uncle! He’s a Professor in Plant Biology up in Michigan State University and one of his trips brought him out to the border of North Carolina and Tennessee! He was visiting Roan Mountain, the site of his PHD dissertation research, and he invited my mother and me to join him up … Continue reading Writing and Ecology – What Worlds We Could Build

Summer Sum Up

Today, summer break is officially over and class starts just in a few hours. But, before I go back, I thought I sum up some of the work I’ve done over the summer. First and foremost, I’ve been finishing and revising up the second book of the Death’s Series, Death’s Fury. Currently, I have completed … Continue reading Summer Sum Up

I Have Returned!

I’m back! And where have I’ve been, you may ask? Well, believe it or not, I’ve been on a road trip across the Northeast. *Squeals* I had so much fun! I got to visit four fabulous places, which I will be posting individual posts and pictures on in the near future: Greenfield Village, MI Hurley, … Continue reading I Have Returned!

WIP Status and Trailer Stats

Hey, everyone! It's been a while since I last did an update. Well, I finally found the time to analyze where I am currently in terms of my WIP. I'm on my second revision of the manuscript. During this revision session, I have revised 28 chapter (out of 95) and have added 6 more chapters in … Continue reading WIP Status and Trailer Stats