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Isis (Aset)—Goddess and Queen of Egypt

Now a days, when we hear the name Isis, we automatically think of terrorism and destruction. This is mostly thanks to the media continually using it to refer to a group known for these attributes, which has actually switched between many different acronyms in short periods of time. However, the name Isis once was revered,… Continue reading Isis (Aset)—Goddess and Queen of Egypt

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Ancient Egyptian Names

Have you ever considered your name? What does it mean as a whole? What does it represent? In ancient Egypt, names were vital to a person's life and afterlife. One of the five elements of man. It defined with a single expression their personality, their essence, and in some cases, their power. Because of this, names of ancient Egypt were… Continue reading Ancient Egyptian Names

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Ketch’s Sketches: Bleeding Out (The Broken Heart Series #1)

Sometimes you can't see how much pain somebody feels. This is a first of a series of sketches: the biological, the symbolic, and the mechanical. A heart battered, broken, and bruised by a series of events that occurred last summer. When shedding tears wasn't enough, I poured everything I was feeling into my novels and sketches while listening to Imagine Dragons, particularly their song Bleeding Out. Fortunately, my heart has… Continue reading Ketch’s Sketches: Bleeding Out (The Broken Heart Series #1)

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2014 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog. Since they no longer publish full reports for our blog posts, I screen snapped some of the more important information. For instance, you don't need this summary to know that all my giveaway posts did the best. Next year, however, that's going… Continue reading 2014 in review

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The Weighing of the Heart: the Sins and Virtues of the Descendants of Isis

In my series, the Descendants of Isis, one of the ancient beliefs I refer to regularly, especially when it comes to Seth O’Keefe’s sacrifice, is the Weighing of the Heart. In saving Natti, a sin in itself, Seth has given up his god’s protection over his heart, and with it, his chances of an eternal… Continue reading The Weighing of the Heart: the Sins and Virtues of the Descendants of Isis

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Five Egyptian Gods You Don’t Want to Cross

The ancient Egyptians worshipped numerous gods and goddesses. A result of the unification of the country’s many territories. Unfortunately, they are now considered remnants and images of a past civilization that lived thousands of years ago. Even so, there were a few of the divine, despite any good intentions, you wouldn’t what to meet first… Continue reading Five Egyptian Gods You Don’t Want to Cross