Fictional and Real Pirate Women that Inspired my Character

Meriden Cummings, the main character from Death Island, is living her life during the Golden Age of Piracy (1650 to 1730). It’s during this age that women made their mark at sea. Some you might have heard of while others you might have not, such as Mary Read, Rachel Wall, and Cheng I Sao. Many … Continue reading Fictional and Real Pirate Women that Inspired my Character

November Writing Inspiration

Okay, things have really turned around this month and now my mind is buried under more awesome ideas and concepts for novels. I’m, of course, focusing on Death’s Curse (DI3), which is coming along nicely. As I had also mentioned I’ve also been outlining chapters for my book on the Lost Colony, another single novel, … Continue reading November Writing Inspiration

The Strength of Characters: Esther M. Friesner Novels

I have always been drawn to strong female characters. I can relate to them. I can understand the battles they face. I even wish to be more like them in strength. During these pass couple of months, I have found the strength of character in four historical, young adult novels, all of which are by Esther … Continue reading The Strength of Characters: Esther M. Friesner Novels

Words of Battle

A few days ago, I finished writing my first draft of a battle scene for my next manuscript. I thought finding the right words would come easily after writing and revising Death Island. However, I guess it has been so long that I forgot how difficult the process can become. It’s like playing chess, except … Continue reading Words of Battle

Words of Encouragement

Writing, at times, can be difficult. I’ll admit it. Like any relationship, it has its ups and downs. Actually, writing a book is, in itself, a relationship. You pour your love and care into the pages, watching the manuscript grow day by day into something beautiful. And through this relationship, you learn lessons. Some come … Continue reading Words of Encouragement

Operation Wonder Woman Tribute of the Week 7.0

We remember them from our childhood, the heros we wish to become and dress up as during Halloween. Well, Bree Ogdne, my 'Wonder Woman' Agent, is holding a tribute to her nickname. Check out this week's post dedicated to the new Wonder Woman 2.0 at This Literary Life! - Week 7.0 Also check out other Wonder Woman … Continue reading Operation Wonder Woman Tribute of the Week 7.0

Get Lost in Your Imagination

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in the worlds you create? To stand beside your characters and battle their trials with them? To even be one of your characters you created? I wish this every time I place the pen to paper. Instead of seeing it as if I'm nothing but a phantom, to … Continue reading Get Lost in Your Imagination