2016 Book/WIP Boyfriends

To wrap up the year, I want to sum up my read and writing experience by the number of book/WIP boyfriends this year. Honestly, this year has been a bit of a slump in quantity, but still perfect quality.

Book Boyfriends:

February 2016

Easton from Descent–I’ve loved this character throughout the series and was thrilled that he gotten his own novel.

Easton doesn’t believe in love. He believes in Death. Darkness. Sin. As a reaper for Hell, it’s all he’s known for over four hundred years. When he gets slapped with the job of training the boss’s daughter, an angel who knows nothing but joy, he knows he’s in for a world of trouble.

Though he’s made it clear he wants nothing to do with her outside of work, Gwen would do anything to get closer to the dark and wounded reaper—even taint her angelic image and join the ranks of her father’s team of reapers. But in all her planning, she forgot to factor in one thing—how far the demons Easton doomed to hell would go to get revenge.

When the dangers of the Hell threaten Gwen, Easton will do whatever it takes to save her. But as the darkness closes in on them both, will he be able to save himself?

March 2016

Logan Schmidt from Into the Fire Series–Sweet and caring! I loved reading Cara’s and Logan’s struggles as they attempt to fight the odds.

In one month’s time, seventeen-year-old Cara Tillman will die and be reborn from her own ashes…

Her life of secrecy has never been easy. She’s watched her younger brother, Jeremy, burn and rise again in a coming-of-age process called rebirth. And just like her brother, when her time comes, she won’t remember anything from her first life other than she’s a Phoenix—a member of a small group of people descended from the mythical Phoenix bird.

The last thing she needs to worry about is falling for the new guy in town—Logan Schmidt.

Cara is drawn to Logan in a way she can’t explain, but she’s not exactly complaining. Everything is perfect…except it’s not. Once she’s reborn, she’ll forget Logan. And to make things worse, a Phoenix Hunter is on the loose, and Cara’s involvement with Logan is bringing out her Phoenix qualities—the very qualities that will draw the Hunter right to her.

Desperate times call for desperate measures…

Afraid of hurting Logan, Cara breaks it off for good. But her attraction to him runs deeper than a typical high school crush. She wants him—needs him. And if he proves willing to stay by her side, their love might destroy them both.

Can Cara hide from the Phoenix Hunters long enough to survive her rebirth? And if so, will it mean a new beginning with Logan—or the beginning of the end?

August 2016

Yu Ogami from That Wolf-Boy is Mine! Vol. 1–My first introduction into Magna. Who can resist a wolf-boy?

Komugi’s not sure what to expect when her family moves to the remote northern island of Hokkaido, and she starts at a new high school. But she certainly didn’t expect a boy to come up to her and say, “Gee…you smell good, somehow!” That boy is Yu Ogami, and Komugi finds herself strangely drawn to him. But when she sees him in an unguarded moment, she discovers he’s a werewolf! Now she has a choice to make: to keep his secret, or to ask for help and risk angering a wolf-boy?

October 2016

Kagura from Demon Love Spell Series–Made me think of Seth O’Keefe, but a little more immature. Still, he hard to resist!

Miko is a shrine maiden who has never had much success at seeing or banishing spirits. Then she meets Kagura, a sexy demon who feeds off women’s feelings of passion and love. Kagura’s insatiable appetite has left many girls at school brokenhearted, so Miko casts a spell to seal his powers. Surprisingly the spell works—sort of—but now Kagura is after her!

Aoi from The Demon Prince of Momochi House Series–Cute! Very much still a innocent, young boy at heart.

On her sixteenth birthday, orphan Himari Momochi inherits her ancestral estate that she’s never seen. Momochi House exists on the barrier between the human and spiritual realms, and Himari is meant to act as guardian between the two worlds. But on the day she moves in, she finds three handsome squatters already living in the house, and one seems to have already taken over her role!

November 2016

Kaname from Spell of Desire Series–Love! Just Love!

Kaoruko Mochizuki runs an herb shop in a small seaside town. One day, a mysterious man dressed in black named Kaname Hibiki enters her shop and reveals that Kaoruko is actually a witch. And what’s more, Kaoruko needs Kaname to help control her awakening power!

Among the shocking news that Kaname imparts is that Kaoruko’s mother is still alive and has entrusted Kaoruko with the immense power of the Witch Queen. As long as Kaoruko has that power, she will be the target of humans and demonic spirits alike. Kaname claims to be a “knight” that protects witches, but then he steals a kiss from Kaoruko…!

WIP Boyfriends

I can’t really give my opinion because I’m very in love with my characters. So, I’ll just give you little teasers.

Dark Reflections (Release: ?)

Cole Waverly

Surfer-Boy shifts and turns to look at me. Taken by surprise, I hardly suppress the gasp that escapes my lips. Crap-shit, he did not just catch me staring. My cheek flood with heat, and I stumble my step as I quickly make my way out the door. In my rush, my bag snags and rips open, spilling my graphite stick pencils onto the concrete outside. They shatter into pieces along with my heart. I fall to my knees to pick up my broken treasures and reach for a piece of graphite when a tan hand brushes against mine.

A rush of warmth courses under my skin, and I look up at the boy who was just studying my artwork inside. My heart jumps into my throat as I take him in. The angle of his jaw. His smooth chin. His tempting lips. The sun-bleached bangs that tumble over his brow. But what my eyes are hypnotized most by is the color of his irises. They’re so beautiful. Pale and stormy like a gentle rainy day while masking an underlying shade of aquamarine I have only seen in the sea glass.


Hiding my face behind a curtain of black hair, I march around the chrome shelves holding miniature paintings, clay ware, glass wear, and little figurines to the counter in front of the shop’s studio. I can just see Allen, the shop owner, hunched over his work. His long, thin fingers stained with ink. His forehead creased in concentration. His free hand fisted in his spiked, burnt ochre hair. His glasses, their frames black on the exterior and neon yellow on the interior, slowly slipping down the thin brig of his nose. It’s an endearing sight to see him working, and it doesn’t hurt that Allen is really something to look at. Not to mention talented. No more than twenty-one years old, he’s been living on his own for the past three years, selling his supreme anime artwork at fairs and on the street. Now he runs his own business and illustrates graphic novels.

The perfect fairytale life.

Death Island (Release: December 2017?)

Gregory Wilson

Suddenly, the hairs on the back of my neck rose, and a cold shiver ran down my spine, jolting a fresh shot of pain through my abdomen. I bit my lip to hold back the scream inching up my throat. The last thing I wanted was give away my weakened condition. Not when my senses were picking up on the same watchful eyes I felt back in the alley by my home. Taking another look down the street, I finally spotted the stranger just a few feet from me and gasped. The young man jumped, pressing his back against a shadowed wall. His appearance was frightening. Though tall in height, his frame was thin. Even his ribcage peeked through his tore cloths. He was dirty and covered in blood. The tangle mass of dark-ginger hair and beard gave him the look of a wild animal. A part of me wanted to run and scream, yet something stopped me. I think it was his eyes. Even in the dark I could see their spring green irises, tender and soft as he gazed upon my hunched figure.

“Are you all right?”

The young man swallowed hard. His breathing seemed heavier than my own; his thin, lean chest rising and falling rapidly. But his eyes continued to watch me very carefully.

I raised a hand to him, hoping to guide him from the shadows. “It’s all right. I won’t hurt you.”

Rupert Railing

“Watch where you’re going,” I heard an all too familiar voice yell above me.

I open my eyes to stare at Rupert’s befuddled expression while he struggled to push himself up. His usually perfect curly, golden blond hair all tangled and mudded. “Oh, like you’re not enjoying this,” I returned, my voice laced in the sharp pain that my body was just starting to register.

We were entangled on the ground, Rupert’s strong abdomen crushing the one rib that was severally injured. And to add to the humiliation, his hips had landed right on top of mine. A part of his anatomy pressing through our clothes into my vaginal region, which sent a trail of disgust throughout my entire body. I twisted my fingers through his blond curls behind his neck and pulled.

He bellowed, “Bloody hell, Meriden!”

George Hobson

George nodded and walked to my bed side, making sure to leave the door open. At least someone was concerned about my reputation in this village. Though it was severely stained, ‘whore’ was definitely not one of the sins that was going send my soul down to Hell.

“Doctor Samson is tending to your mother, now.” George placed down his kit, gently lifted my upper body, and slipped the pillow back under my head.

“How is she?” I asked.

George began to inspect my ribs, his fingers probing down my sides. “Not good. She’s lost a lot of blood, and the wound needs to be cauterized, or else infection will set in.”

I winced when George’s finger tapped into one of my lower ribs. One more tap one rib down, I had to bite my tongue not to scream as I bolted upright from the pain. George braced me by taking hold of one of my shoulders.

Matthew Kettlesworth

“I don’t know, Meriden,” a familiar voice spoke up behind me, causing my heart to leap into my throat. “As I recall, a lot of guests checked in that night. You’re going to have to be more specific.”

I wheeled around to find a well-built man I hadn’t seen in years standing right behind me. The familiar ash brown hair and piercing blue eyes making me jump with excitement. “Matthew,” I shrieked, wrapping my arms around his neck.

Matthew grabbed me by the waist and lifted me into the air for a spin. “That’s right, sweet pea. I’m back, and I’m here to stay.”

App/Video Game Boyfriends

Sorry! Had to throw these two in. I got hooked. 😉

Shall We Date? Love Tangle

Nolan Arvin Zarek–OMG! Marry him! I would so marry him!

Pokémon Moon

Gladion–Mysterious. Can’t help fantasize a budding romance between him an my avatar.

The Weighing of the Heart: the Sins and Virtues of the Descendants of Isis

Daughter of IsisSon of Set

In my series, the Descendants of Isis, one of the ancient beliefs I refer to regularly, especially when it comes to Seth O’Keefe’s sacrifice, is the Weighing of the Heart. In saving Natti, a sin in itself, Seth has given up his god’s protection over his heart, and with it, his chances of an eternal afterlife.

The ancient Egyptians considered the heart to be the most important organ in the body. It was the center of all thought, memory, and emotion, and therefore, essential for the rebirth into Amenti, the equivalent of heaven. As such, it was never embalmed with the other organs. It was instead left untouched during mummification, and a scarab amulet placed over it to ensure that it spoke the truth once the deceased reached the Hall of Judgment.

Once there, the judgment of one’s heart was determined based on the deceased’s behavior in this life. This was known as the Weighing of the Heart. A ceremony believed to take place in front of a tribunal of 42 gods known as the Assessors, who were overseen by Osiris (god of the dead).

Standing before the Assessors, the deceased were to name each of the 42 divine judges and made a ‘negative confession’: a list of 42 sins the deceased had not committed, ranging from stealing food to murder. After which, the deceased’s heart and the feather of Ma ‘at would be placed a set of scales to see if the deceased had spoken the truth.

As exhibited in Chapter 125 of the Book of the Dead, it wasn’t truly about being pure of all sin. It was all about being balanced. In many depictions, the ancient Egyptians even showed Anubis providing aid to the deceased, adjusting the scales just enough so that the deceased’s heart and Ma ‘at would come to a perfect balance; insuring that the deceased whose virtues outweighed their sins were successful in entering Amenti.

Unfortunately, for those such as Seth, whose heart is weighed down by sin, another fate awaited. One that not even Anubis could prevent.

In Seth’s young life, he had repeatedly committed 24 of the 42 sins. Even saving Natti from becoming a sacrifice to Set would’ve been considered stealing a god’s offering and frowned upon by the Assessors. And though Natara “Natti” Stone brought out the best in him, that will never be enough. When he eventually enters the Hall of Judgment, his heart’s sins would tip the scales, and it’ll be feed to Ammit, sentencing him to a fate worse than entering a place of torment like hell. Instead, Seth will cease to exist and be cursed to wander Duat (the Netherworld) for all eternity without thought and emotions. A concept that terrified ancient Egyptians.

Seth's Sins

In addition to Chapter 125 in the Book of the Dead, the ancient Egyptians also listed 42 principals of Ma ‘at including being respectful, quiet, not hasty, modest, gentle, restrained in eating and drinking, trustworthy, and not being boastful or arrogant. The ideal was to lead a life in accordance of the socially acceptable or ethical ways to behave. In fact, the texts of Wisdom Literature revealed certain crimes were consider crimes against Ma ‘at such as disorder, rebellion, envy, deceit, greed, laziness, injustice, and ingratitude.

All things Sons of Set, the order which Seth was raised in, are best known for.

Natti, on the other hand, was blessed at birth by the goddess Isis to carry a sliver of the feather of Ma ‘at. Her whole existence is to live in truth and seek it in others. It’s one of the things that draws her to Seth in the first place as she tries to piece him together.

Natti's Sins

Natti’s behavior, however, consists of 26 of the 42 principals of ma ‘at; and is weighed down only by four sins. A small adjustment for Anubis and his scales. When her time comes to visit the Hall of Judgment, her heart will speak the truth and allow her to enter Amenti. Yet there’s one thing that could prevent her from taking her rightful place in Osiris’s kingdom: her love for Seth. It’s what Seth fears the most for her. Though willing to sacrifice his own eternity, he could never accept her doing the same for him.

Though an unlikely pairing, Seth and Natti actions and behavior complete a necessary circle that will help Natti complete her destiny. Her heart guiding the way with truth and good intentions while Seth’s sins that will continue to protect Natti on their journey and open the way to finding Ra’s secret name. Meanwhile, their sacrifices for each other will grow beyond love, as Isis and Osiris’s love had before them.



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Five Egyptian Gods You Don’t Want to Cross

The ancient Egyptians worshipped numerous gods and goddesses. A result of the unification of the country’s many territories. Unfortunately, they are now considered remnants and images of a past civilization that lived thousands of years ago. Even so, there were a few of the divine, despite any good intentions, you wouldn’t what to meet first hand. Not in this life, or in the next. Here are the top five Egyptian gods you don’t want to cross:

#5: Taweret

Taweret (also known as Tawret, Taueret, Tawaret, Taurt, Thoeris and Toeris, Ipy, Ipet, Apet, Opet, and Reret) was often depicted as a hippopotamus standing on her hind legs with the paws of a lion and the back of a crocodile. The three most feared and highly respected wildlife species in ancient Egypt. Considered dangerous and potentially a malignant force, Taweret was first associated to be the demon-wife of Apep (the serpent god of darkness), representing all the evil that occurred during the day while her husband represented the evil that occurred at night.

However, despite her demons ties and her affairs with Set (god of chaos), the ancient text describe Taweret as being loyal to the goddess Isis and her son Horus. Especially when she used her influence over Set to detain him in the northern night sky and prevented him from attacking Isis and her new baby just after her husband’s death. Later in the Old Kingdom, Taweret was considered more a protector rather than an aggressive force and became a mother goddess, a household deity, and the patron of childbirth.

#4: Ammit

Ammit (also known as Ammut and Ahemait) was the ancient goddess of divine retribution. Her image was a combination of wildlife that ancient Egyptians’ feared and respected: the head of a crocodile, the torso of a lion, and the hindquarters of a hippopotamus.

As depicted in the Book of the Dead, she often sat by the scales of Ma ‘at, ready to devour the hearts of those deemed unworthy. This experience was known as “dying a second time,” and those who had undergone it were known as “the dead.” Unlike the akhs, the souls who are deemed worthy and who cross over into Osiris’s realm, the dead were condemned to wander Duat forever without rational thought, emotion, or true life.

To insure innocent souls did not meet this fate, the Book of the Dead instructs the deceased through a negative confession (i.e. a list of sins which they had not done during their life) to 42 gods before their heart was weighed against the feather of Ma ‘at. In which case, it was not necessary to be totally good, but reasonably balanced.

#3: Sekhmet

Sekhmet (or Sakhmet) is one of the oldest known Egyptian deities. Her name is often translated as “Powerful One” and is referred to as “The Eye of Ra.” However, her main cult centered in Memphis worshipped her as “the destroyer.” Her task was to destroy the enemies of her father, Ra, and her image was depicted as a woman with the head of a lioness.

A creative and destructive force, Sekhmet was the protector of Ma ‘at, and mostly associated with the myth “The Destruction of Humankind.” When Ra was king of both the divine and the mortal realms, he learned about a plot of a human rebellion against him and the order which he placed in Ma ‘at. As punishment, Ra sent his daughter, Sekhmet, to wage war on humanity. Sekhmet slaughtered thousands until the fields of Egypt were covered in human blood. After a day of massacre, and Ra had saw the extent of her destruction, he felt enough damage had been done and called his daughter to his side.

Unfortunately, Sekhmet hadn’t obeyed. She had become so consumed with blood lust, she was ready to wipe out the rest of mankind. In finding a way to restrain her appetite, Ra ordered 7,000 jugs of beer to be stained with red ochre and poured over the fields the surround her. Sekhmet gorged on the “blood,” ignoring the people of Egypt and became drunk. She fell asleep for three days. When she awoke, her blood lust had dissipated, and thus, humanity was saved.

To commemorate the event, every year a feast was thrown in Sekhmet’s honor, where everyone drunk beer stained with red ochre and worshipped “The mistress and lady of the tomb, gracious one, destroyer of rebellion, mighty one of enchantments.”

#2: Set

Set (also known as Seth, Setekh, Sut, Sutekh, Sety, and even Baal in certain text) was the deity of chaos and confusion, and had been worshipped since the Predynastic Amratian period (4000-3500 BC). He is the son of Geb and Nut, and brother of Osiris, Isis, and Nephthys. He is most often depicted as the “Set animal,” a creature similar to the jackal. Unfortunately, it’s not clear whether it represented a specific species that is now extinct or merely a mythological beast. In other texts, Set as a man was thought to have white skin and red hair, inspiring the Egyptian belief that anyone born with red hair was one of his followers.

Even at birth, Set was dangerous and unpredictable, having ripped himself violently from his mother’s womb. When he grew older, he married his younger sister, Nephthys, and obtained several other wives and concubines including Taweret, Apep’s demon-wife, and two foreign goddesses, Anat and Astarte (war goddesses of the Syria-Palestine region), who were given to him by Ma ‘at as compensation for Horus’s rule over Egypt.

Set was most known for the murder of his brother, Osiris (god of the underworld). When Osiris was made Pharaoh of Egypt, and after finding Nephthys had tricked Osiris into having sex with her, Set devised a plan to kill his brother. He held a great feast in Osiris’s honor, offering a beautiful carved casket to whomever fit into it. Of course, the casket was built specifically for Osiris, and when he laid in the box, Set’s followers nailed the lid shut. After which, Set dismembered the corpse and scattered the parts across the country.

Despite his role in the Osirian myth, Set was also referred to as the defender of the sun god, Ra. Each night, while the solar barge was on its journey through Duat, Set fought off the evil serpent Apep. However, even in these tales, his negative side was apparent. He was often described as boasting about triumphs against Apep, and even threatened Ra that if he wasn’t treated with respect, he would bring storms against the sun god. Ra eventually tired of his taunting and expelled Set from his barge.

#1: Apep

Apep (also known as Aapep, Apepi, and Apophis) was the ancient spirit of evil, darkness, and destruction. His image was that of a huge serpent with tightly compressed coils to emphasize his large size. He was also the only god who was truly immortal and did not require any nourishment. Nor could he be completely destroyed, only temporarily defeated.

Each night, at the seventh hour, he threatened to destroy the sun god, Ra, as he travelled through Duat. Originally, Set and Mehen were given the job of defending Ra and his solar barge, cutting a hole in the serpent’s belly to allow Ra to escape. Later, after Set was expelled, other gods and even pharaohs took on this responsibility with the knowledge that failure meant the world would be plunged into darkness.

To defeat this force, a ritual was conducted annually by the priests of Ra. An effigy of Apep was taken into the temple and infused with all the evil of the land. It was then beaten, crushed, and burned. Other rituals involved a wax model of Apep which was ritually dismembered and the burning of a papyrus image of the serpent.


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777 Games… A Daughter of Isis Excerpt

I would like to thank A.H. Amin, author of Psychs, for tagging in this intriguing game. You can have a look inside his novel by reading his 777 post here.

Here are the Rules: Go to either page 7 or 77 of your manuscript. Count down seven lines and paste the next seven lines in a post. After that, name seven more authors to come out and play.

I chose A Daughter of Isis, my young-adult, dark fantasy manuscript that is currently out on submission. A sneak peek into Natti’s new life in Setemple, California (p.77):

SAM_1216A Daughter of Isis by Kelsey Ketch

“Oh shit!” Natti rechecked to make sure her eyes hadn’t failed her. “No, bloody way!”

The interior base was raised a good inch from the base of the exterior walls. Natti fingered the lining. In the crease, she felt a tiny piece of fabric sticking out along the edge. Using her nails, she pulled out a maroon colored ribbon which raised a false bottom from the thicker inner walls. Natti stared into the secret compartment. A small, white envelope bearing her name rested under a necklace.

Rushing to her desk, Natti turned on the little lamp and lowered the music volume to a whisper.

I’ve listed seven authors and friends below. I know a few of them are busy, some are even in their editing caves right now *waves*, so as always, there is no obligation for them to create a 777 post. 🙂 But definitely check out their websites and awesome novels/short stories:

  1. Jennifer Lane, author of Streamline and the Conduct Series
  2. Liberty Gilmore, author of the Adam and Ava Series
  3. Lisa Rivero, author of Oscar’s Gift
  4. Magan Vernon, author of The Only Exception and the My Alien Romance Series
  5. Rachel Harris, author of the My Super Sweet Sixteen Century Series and Rearview Mirror
  6. Tara Fuller, author of the Kissed by Death Series and Perigee Moon
  7. Trisha Wolfe, author of the Kythan Guardians Series and the Fireblood Series

Kicking off 2013 with a Mega #FlirtSquad Challenge!

Happy January!

There’s something about the start of a new year. A fresh slate. An entire 12 months set before you, all filled with possibility. With the excitement of new beginnings in the air, it seems like an excellent time for another Flirt Squad challenge 🙂

Since January is the month for resolutions, author Rachel Harris thought it would be fun to play with that idea. She’s asked some of good friends to join in, and not only did they say yes, but they’ve also thrown in prizes!

All month long we’ll be “meeting” these authors, getting to know what 2013 holds for them, and what their personal New Year’s Resolutions are. And all month long you’ll be earning points in order to win the goodies they’ve brought to the party.

Here’s How To Earn Points

Along with guest posts featuring them throughout the month, each of the participating authors have crafted New Year Resolution tweets for the main characters in their books. It’s a fun way to get to know their books and characters better. And copying these tweets is an excellent way you can let others know about these fabulous books.

If you are new to these challenges, you can head over to Rachel’s Website, read her post, and  leave a comment below with your contact info to let her know you’re playing along (and so she can find you if you win!), and then jump in and start playing!

Up For Grabs

 One Grand Prize Winner wins a Super Sized ebook pack featuring:

  • My Super Sweet Sixteenth Century by yours truly
  • Gravity by Melissa West
  • All The Broken Pieces by Cindi Madsen
  • Inbetween by Tara Fuller
  • Greta and the Goblin King by Chloe Jacobs
  • Pretty Amy by Lisa Burstein
  • Love All by Kelly Hashway
  • Spectral from Shannon Duffy
  • Almost and Unmaking Hunter Kennedy by Anne Eliot
  • and YOUR CHOICE of any one of Nyrae Dawn’s books!

And as if that wasn’t enough, the Grand Prize Winner ALSO wins:

  • Signed swag from The Collector: A Dante Walker Novel from Victoria Scott
  • Signed Paperback of Destiny’s Fire by Trisha Wolfe 


  • A brilliant, hand-designed Angel Academy bracelet from Cecily White!

TWO Additional Winners Win Signed Swag from:

  • My Super Sweet Sixteenth Century
  • Spectral and Gabriel Stone and the Divinity of Valta from Shannon Duffy
  • Love All and Touch of Death from Kelly Hashway
  • Destiny’s Fire from Trisha Wolfe
  • What a Boy Wants bookmarks and Charade postcards from Nyrae Dawn

My New Year’s Resolution

You can see  all my wishes and goals for 2013 (eight in total) listed in my right-side sidebar, but I think my New Year’s Resolution would basically be like Finn’s from INBETWEEN: Refusing to give up on what I want in life. For example: traveling to Egypt and getting my manuscript, A Daughter of Isis (The Descendants of Isis #1), published. These are all things near and dear to my heart, and I want to see them through to the end.

The Next Big Thing

I was surprised and honored when author Magan Vernon nominated me for this meme. The purpose: to talk about your next book. And after her big reveal of her new project, The Only Exception, it’s going to be hard act to follow.

Honestly, my brain has been so completely focused on book 3 of the Descendants of Isis series, The Name of Ra, and a possible prequel novella, Rise of the Hem-netjer, that have had little time to contemplate what’s next. But since this meme is about my next big project, I’m going to talk about a concept I’ve been noodling on for the past several of months. This is the first time I have revealed it to anyone other than my flatmate and Magan, so… here it goes:

What is the title of your next book?


Where did the idea come from for the book?

I was riding in the passenger seat of my flatmate’s car, heading for a small trip to the beach and pretty much dozing off. The idea kind of just hit me in a half dream, half daydream state. It was all about a girl being locked away in a room with a glass wall. Probably my unconscious telling me something about myself, but I just had to write it down once I got hold of a piece of paper.

What genre does your book fall under?

Upper Young Adult, Science Fiction.

What actors would you choose to play the part of your characters in a movie?

Oh, God. I haven’t really thought on it, especially who would play Edmund and Tess, my two main characters. Though, I do kind of picture Edmund being a mix between a young Dr. Jackson (James Spader) from StarGate and David (Matthew Broderick) from WarGames.

I do have some idea, however, for some of the staff Edmund will be working with during his internship:

Dr. Lunsford (Neurologist): Stanley Tucci

Dr. Richardson (Medic): Tom Virtue

Dr. Yungstein (Psychologist): Hector Elizondo

What is the one sentence synopsis of your book?

Edmund’s father volunteers him for a summer internship in Colorado’s Cheyenne Mountain Complex, where he meets a mysterious and powerful girl and learns a dark secret.

Will your book be self-published or represented by an agency?

I would submit to small publishers.

How long did it take you to write the first draft of the manuscript?

Ha ha! Like I said, been very focused on The Name of Ra and Rise of the Hem-netjer. Short Circuit is just basically notes in a journal right now. But I’m hoping to have something completed by the beginning of 2014.

What other books would you compare this story to within your genre?

Um… I guess I would say it could be compared to Open Minds by Susan K. Quinn, Candor by Pam Bachorz, and Origin by Jessica Khoury.

Who or what inspired you to write this book?

The concept really – and my flatmate. She’s been very supportive of my writing and is kind of my sounding board while my manuscripts are in development.

What else about your book might pique the reader’s interest?

Well, it’s futuristic, taking place mid 2050’s. There’s mysterious kidnappings, governmental conspiracy… oh, and of course, Romance!


So that’s what’s in my head – other than DOI. God, it’s crowded up there!

Okay, well, now I’m supposed to tag five more authors. However, I’ve decided I’m just going to list five author I would like to see respond to this meme, but I will not make it an obligation. It’s your choice to continue the chain or not. 🙂

A.H. Amin

Tara Fuller

Rachel Harris

Lisa Rivero

Jennifer Lane