Kukulkan, God of Wind and Hurricanes

Mayan Name: Kukulkan; Gucumatz Aztec Equivalent: Quetzalcoatl Associated Animal: Feathered serpent Role: Wind, Hurricanes Kukulkan is the god of wind and hurricanes. He is often depicted as a plumed serpent, but can take human form as well. Little is known about the myths surrounding Kukulkan. There is more information about his Aztec counterpart, Quetzalcoatl, who … Continue reading Kukulkan, God of Wind and Hurricanes

A Whole New Adventure is About to Begin

Last weekend before I start my adventure taking statistical courses at the local university. Despite it being seven years since I was last in a classroom, I feel as ready as I can be. With classes overlapping my typical work schedule, I have already planned to make up the time during lunch breaks and on … Continue reading A Whole New Adventure is About to Begin

Mermaids: In Folklore and In Fiction

Mermaids and mermen are mythological marine creatures that are typically depicted to be half human and half fish or sea serpent. They’re often known to be both mysterious and enchanting as well as possess magical and prophetic powers. First appearing around 1000 B.C. in ancient Assyrian mythology, mermaids and mermen have be recorded in different … Continue reading Mermaids: In Folklore and In Fiction

Tall Ship: Brigantine

Brigantines are one of my favorite tall ships! They have two-masts with square rigging on the foremast and fore-and-aft rigging on the mainmast. And its gaff-rigged mainsail distinguishes it from the completely square-rigged brig. A typical brigantine in the 18th century displaced 100 tons, were 65-80 feet long, held 8-10 guns, and carried a crew … Continue reading Tall Ship: Brigantine

Ah Puch, God of Death, Darkness, and Disaster

Mayan Name: Ah Puch; Ahal Puh; God A; Cizin; Yum Cimil Aztec Equivalent: Michlantecuhtli Associated Animal: Owl or dog Role: Death, Disease, Disasters, War, Childbirth, and Beginnings Ah Puch is one of many names associated with the god of death in Mayan religion. He is the ruler of Metnal (Xibalba), the Mayan underworld. To the … Continue reading Ah Puch, God of Death, Darkness, and Disaster

{Happy New Year} A 2018 Sum Up and Goals for 2019

Happy New Year to All My Readers!   Hope everyone is having a wonderful New Year. 2018 had been rough (both physically and mentally), especially toward the end of the year. But several good things have come of it as well. Completed in 2018: Read 24 Books: Between all the non-fiction reference books, fiction novels, … Continue reading {Happy New Year} A 2018 Sum Up and Goals for 2019

Results of the NaNoWriMo Project

As I suspected, I did not get far on my Bly project, but not for the reason I thought. I felt Dark Reflections would be my greatest obstacle since I’m in the middle of revisions and attempting to get it to my editor in the next couple months. However, it was other things that drained … Continue reading Results of the NaNoWriMo Project

This Year’s NaNoWriMo Project

It’s the start of the National Novel Writing Month. This is my 3rd year participating, but it is the first year I’m actually writing a first draft. Usually, I’m either revising or editing. The WIP I’ll be working on is titled Bly. It’s about an American witch who moves to England to get away from … Continue reading This Year’s NaNoWriMo Project