Valley Forge National Historical Park, Pennsylvania

Valley Forge National Historical Park consists of 3,600-acre of rolling hills, forests, and sprawling fields. It was here that General George Washington settled down in a winter encampment in 1777 and forged his Continental Army into a fighting force. Also, Valley Forge is my inspiration and the starting place of Sam’s adventure in my upcoming … Continue reading Valley Forge National Historical Park, Pennsylvania

Greenfield Village, Michigan

One of the surprise stops on my vacation this July was the Greenfield Village. Greenfield Village is a large 80 acre park dedicated to America’s history. There are 83 authentic, historic structures including Noah Webster’s home, where he wrote the first American dictionary; Thomas Edison’s Menlo Park laboratory; and the courthouse where Abraham Lincoln practiced … Continue reading Greenfield Village, Michigan

House in the Horseshoe, North Carolina

This weekend, I traveled to view a historic planation, the House in the Horseshoe, in northern Moore County, an hour southwest from Raleigh. Amongst the fields of corn and hay, on a hilltop above the Deep River, is one of the first large houses of North Carolina’s upland frontier built around 1772 by Phillip Alston. … Continue reading House in the Horseshoe, North Carolina

Easter Eggs–Old Salem, North Carolina

This Easter weekend, my family and I decided to start off by heading up to Old Salem for lunch. Yep, drove two hours for a wonderful lunch. We got to sit outside in the cool weather in a colonial setting. However, to our surprise, it was also a special event day for Easter and at … Continue reading Easter Eggs–Old Salem, North Carolina

Old Sturbridge Village, Massachusetts

Last Wednesday, my friend Marcie (2 Read Or Not 2 Read) and I were tweeting about historical research when she mentioned ~ “I love books but going to historical sites is so much fun!!! Do you have a favorite?”  - Yeah, had to ask like the toughest question in the world for me to answer! … Continue reading Old Sturbridge Village, Massachusetts

Old Salem, North Carolina

This weekend, I was able to escape for a short time, about five hours to be exact, into the colonial era. Old Salem is a Moravian community (established 1766) located in Winston – Salem. This is one of the best spots to visit if you’re interested in history. But, this is no usual colonial town. … Continue reading Old Salem, North Carolina