{Ketch’s Sketches} Bleeding Out

Sometimes you can't see how much pain somebody feels. This is a first of a series of sketches: the biological, the symbolic, and the mechanical. A heart battered, broken, and bruised by a series of events that occurred last summer. When shedding tears wasn't enough, I poured everything I was feeling into my novels and sketches while listening to Imagine Dragons, particularly their song Bleeding Out. Fortunately, my heart has … Continue reading {Ketch’s Sketches} Bleeding Out

{Ketch’s Sketches} The Beast Inside Seth’s Heart

Ah, it's been a long time since I posted a Ketch's Sketches. 🙂 Today, I'm sharing with you a sketch based on my novel, Son of Set. It's from one of my favorite scenes and features my favorite mythological creature, the Set Animal. Some say it's a fictional depiction, but I like to believe like … Continue reading {Ketch’s Sketches} The Beast Inside Seth’s Heart

{Ketch’s Sketches} Kissing in the Rain (Fan Art)

  The Tuff Girl Legion is getting together to celebrate the release of Trisha Wolfe's newest NA novel, The Darkest Part! So I decided to sketch my favorite swoon scene--when Sam and Holden are Kissing in the Rain under the dead tree (their special place and the heart of the novel). Check it out: The Darkest Part (Living Heartwood  #1) Sam Wintry’s … Continue reading {Ketch’s Sketches} Kissing in the Rain (Fan Art)

{Ketch’s Sketches} Less’s Audition (Fan Art)

  The Flirt Squad is getting together to celebrate the up coming release of A Tale of Two Centuries by Rachel Harris! This last week, we were talking about passions and dreams. Alessandra's, the main character of ATOTC, is theater. So I decided to sketch her on stage for her first big audition, sporting a bold, eye catching modern outfit. … Continue reading {Ketch’s Sketches} Less’s Audition (Fan Art)

{Ketch’s Sketches} Isis Box/ Ankh/ Darn Camel

If you couldn’t tell, art is a major part of my life. And to keep my mind fresh with inspiration for my The Descendants of Isis Trilogy, I’ve been turning out sketch after sketch of different Egyptian based settings, gods, and creatures. But recently, I have also expanded into watercolor and acrylic paints for the first time … Continue reading {Ketch’s Sketches} Isis Box/ Ankh/ Darn Camel