{Ketch’s Sketches} Bleeding Out

Sometimes you can't see how much pain somebody feels. This is a first of a series of sketches: the biological, the symbolic, and the mechanical. A heart battered, broken, and bruised by a series of events that occurred last summer. When shedding tears wasn't enough, I poured everything I was feeling into my novels and sketches while listening to Imagine Dragons, particularly their song Bleeding Out. Fortunately, my heart has … Continue reading {Ketch’s Sketches} Bleeding Out

{Ketch’s Sketches} The Beast Inside Seth’s Heart

Ah, it's been a long time since I posted a Ketch's Sketches. 🙂 Today, I'm sharing with you a sketch based on my novel, Son of Set. It's from one of my favorite scenes and features my favorite mythological creature, the Set Animal. Some say it's a fictional depiction, but I like to believe like … Continue reading {Ketch’s Sketches} The Beast Inside Seth’s Heart

{Ketch’s Sketches} Kissing in the Rain

  The Tuff Girl Legion is getting together to celebrate the release of Trisha Wolfe's newest NA novel, The Darkest Part! So I decided to sketch my favorite swoon scene--when Sam and Holden are Kissing in the Rain under the dead tree (their special place and the heart of the novel). Check it out: The Darkest Part (Living Heartwood  #1) Sam Wintry’s … Continue reading {Ketch’s Sketches} Kissing in the Rain