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Ketch’s Sketches: Bleeding Out (The Broken Heart Series #1)

Sometimes you can't see how much pain somebody feels. This is a first of a series of sketches: the biological, the symbolic, and the mechanical. A heart battered, broken, and bruised by a series of events that occurred last summer. When shedding tears wasn't enough, I poured everything I was feeling into my novels and sketches while listening to Imagine Dragons, particularly their song Bleeding Out. Fortunately, my heart has… Continue reading Ketch’s Sketches: Bleeding Out (The Broken Heart Series #1)


Ketch’s Sketches: His Gaze

As you can guess, I have a thing for eyes. They are the windows to the soul, and no photograph, or even a sketch, can really capture that true beauty. However, I think this comes close. This isn't based on any of my books--yet!--but this look has definitely inspired my imagination. I've been working on… Continue reading Ketch’s Sketches: His Gaze