Musical Spark Notes of My Life

Funny how things just hit you. I was driving, listening to my favorite album, to a song that is close to my heart, when a weird realization came to me. In every stage of my life, there has been a song that I connected with and just became part of me. It's like listening to musical chapters … Continue reading Musical Spark Notes of My Life

A Daughter of Isis Playlist

I thought just as a fun post, since I haven't really posted anything on my writing for a while, that I post A Daughter of Isis playlist this weekend. Unfortunately, I couldn't get or anything to really work out, so I'm listing the track titles, artists, and albums. If I could find a YouTube version, I … Continue reading A Daughter of Isis Playlist

Manuscript Playlists

All right. So, have you ever had it were you’re working on one WIP, but you have three other concepts just begging for your attention? I mean, it’s like having three kids tugging at your sleeves, trying to drag you in totally different directions. All the while you’re trying to focus at the task at … Continue reading Manuscript Playlists

Valentine Playlist

Valentine's Day is almost here! A time for romance, flowers, and chocolate. I remember in Castle (ABC) one of the questions they ask was: "When do you know you're in love?" The answer was "When all the songs make sense." So, I know this is just a quick post, but I thought I share some … Continue reading Valentine Playlist

Taking a Breather

For the past week, I’ve pretty much locked myself in my captain’s quarter, doing my usual work and writing a market proposal for Death’s Island. It’s time for a breath of fresh air, to tend to the gardens, and watch the tadpoles in my fountain. I’m excited that I only have four more days until … Continue reading Taking a Breather

Journal Entries

Despite my cat's best efforts to distract me, I have finally finish entering all my journal entries for my second novel into a computer document ( 141 pages, 31,152 words after writing for about one year). This number is close to my 'average per year' for my first novel (31,142 words). The novel is still a long way from finish. I have a basic plot … Continue reading Journal Entries