Anubis Plushie Crocheting Pattern

Though writing is my passion, one hobby I picked up in November 2016 was crocheting. And like always, instead of starting with hats and scarves, I started with the most challenging items I could find: plushies. What can I say, I need something to keep my interest as I work. However, when I wanted to … Continue reading Anubis Plushie Crocheting Pattern

Musical Spark Notes of My Life

Funny how things just hit you. I was driving, listening to my favorite album, to a song that is close to my heart, when a weird realization came to me. In every stage of my life, there has been a song that I connected with and just became part of me. It's like listening to musical chapters … Continue reading Musical Spark Notes of My Life

Random Fun:

Thanks to Lisa Rivero, author of Oscar's Gift, I discovered It's a free, online toy that creates colorful word clouds from text or websites. The resulting image shows the most-used words in terms of size. The larger the words are, the more often they are used. Here is the result for Ketch's Book Nook: also allows you … Continue reading Random Fun:

Query/ Submission/ Life Update

Wow, the months are just slipping through my fingers. First July, then August, and now, September. Ugh, why does time have to fly? Anyway, I already told you about finishing up the second draft of A Son of Set (The Descendants of Isis #2). *happy dance* But the other thing I had been focused lately … Continue reading Query/ Submission/ Life Update

A Nook or a Kindle? That is the Question…

I've been fighting it long enough!  I am thinking about buying an e-reader.  The most compelling reason is that if I do buy an e-reader, I can finally read my friends' novels that have been (or going to be) e-published. So, the question is, as I pull my hair out trying to decide, should I purchase a Nook … Continue reading A Nook or a Kindle? That is the Question…