A Whole New Adventure is About to Begin

Last weekend before I start my adventure taking statistical courses at the local university. Despite it being seven years since I was last in a classroom, I feel as ready as I can be. With classes overlapping my typical work schedule, I have already planned to make up the time during lunch breaks and on … Continue reading A Whole New Adventure is About to Begin

{Happy New Year} A 2018 Sum Up and Goals for 2019

Happy New Year to All My Readers!   Hope everyone is having a wonderful New Year. 2018 had been rough (both physically and mentally), especially toward the end of the year. But several good things have come of it as well. Completed in 2018: Read 24 Books: Between all the non-fiction reference books, fiction novels, … Continue reading {Happy New Year} A 2018 Sum Up and Goals for 2019

Anubis Plushie Crocheting Pattern

Though writing is my passion, one hobby I picked up in November 2016 was crocheting. And like always, instead of starting with hats and scarves, I started with the most challenging items I could find: plushies. What can I say, I need something to keep my interest as I work. However, when I wanted to … Continue reading Anubis Plushie Crocheting Pattern

{Happy New Year} A 2017 Sum Up and Goals for 2018

Happy New Year to all my Readers! I don’t want to make this long. It's just been a while since I last posted my writing achievements and goals on my website. Plus, one of the things I like to focus on this new year is my blog--and I felt this was a good first step. … Continue reading {Happy New Year} A 2017 Sum Up and Goals for 2018

2014 in Review

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog. Since they no longer publish full reports for our blog posts, I screen snapped some of the more important information. For instance, you don't need this summary to know that all my giveaway posts did the best. Next year, however, that's going … Continue reading 2014 in Review