Costume Party Blog Hop!

Happy Halloween and welcome to the Ketch Tavern’s Costume Party Blog Hop! I’m celebrating Halloween (and having an early birthday celebration) by host a weekend long blog hop. I had gotten this wonderful idea from my friend, Magan @ The Punching Bag Fights Back, when she held a similar blog hop for her birthday back … Continue reading Costume Party Blog Hop!

Easter Eggs–Old Salem, North Carolina

This Easter weekend, my family and I decided to start off by heading up to Old Salem for lunch. Yep, drove two hours for a wonderful lunch. We got to sit outside in the cool weather in a colonial setting. However, to our surprise, it was also a special event day for Easter and at … Continue reading Easter Eggs–Old Salem, North Carolina

Merry Christmas and Happy Boxing Day

Even a blasted cold virus wouldn’t bring my Holidays to a screeching halt. Since Christmas Eve, I’ve been spending time with my family here in North Carolina and participating in fun family activities. We spent Christmas morning under the tree where I received the novel Matched by Ally Condie, a sketch book, Ginny Weasley’s  wand, … Continue reading Merry Christmas and Happy Boxing Day

Thanksgiving Weekend/ Meet an Author Monday

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving Weekend! My holiday was quite fun really. My family started Thanksgiving by making our traditional Chex mix – which became nuclear Chex mix because I accidentally added one tablespoon of the chili powder instead of one teaspoon. Opps! Fortunately, my family loves spicy and it was fabulous!  My mom … Continue reading Thanksgiving Weekend/ Meet an Author Monday