Create A Scene Tuesday (17)

So, my birthday is this week! Yay! And I thought is would be cool if the topic of this week’s Create A Scene would be family secrets! After all, the best time to find out a family secret is one’s own birthday.

What scene will you create? For rules – please see Create a Scene Tuesdays. Also check out last week’s entries – click here.

This week:

 Character – Anyone

 Action – Discovering a Family Secret

 Setting – Their Home

My entry: Sarah woke up on the day of her eighteenth birthday and crawled to the kitchen, rubbing the sleep out of her eyes. They fell on a man sitting at the table, his grubby coat brushing across the floor. Her mother’s face was pale as the coffee mug in her hand shook. The man spoke in such a soft voice, Sarah could barely hear his words. Her mother nodded with tears in her eyes.

Sarah stepped in, “Mother, is everything alright?”

They both shot their gaze towards her. The man took a deep breath, his eyes studying her.

“Honey, sit.”

Sarah sat next to her mother, the man eyes training her, “What’s going on?”

“Dr. Garb here is to talk about your father. He was a co-worker at the University your father worked at. A very special University…”

Grab leaned forward, “Sarah, there are people in this world… people like me, like your father, like yourself… who can swift between dimensions, between worlds.”

Sarah laughed, “You’re kidding right. This is a joke?”

“Honey,” her mother took her hand, “remember those dreams you use to have? The shadows?”

“Not shadows,” Garb snapped. “They are called Vorhers! Beings of other worlds looking into ours like one would look into a mirror! Children can see them only because they haven’t learned to control the gateways of time and space! Sarah, please listen. Your father was studying and charting a new region. One our kind had never even knew existed. But he was lost. We had experts search through his office and work he left behind. But, noone could figure out what he discovered or even where the new gateway is located. That is why we need you!”

“Me! I… I can’t! I never even knew my father! I knew nothing of his work or what he studied! I never even traveled through time and space!”

“That is why I will be you adviser. I will teach you what you need to know to complete your classes and complete the task your father has left to you. The University is willing to pay your tuition and is offering a 50,000 unit minutes grant for your research.”

Sarah was in shock. How could any of this be true and what was a unit minute? She turned to her mother for guidance.

“This is your choice,” was all her mother could offer.

Create A Scene Tuesday (16)

Sorry I’m late – got caught up in school work. I’m currently typing up my entry, but I thought I could post this week’s topics. Hopefully I’ll have my entry up soon 🙂 .

UPDATE: Posted my entry!

What scene will you create? For rules – please see Create a Scene Tuesdays. Also check out last week’s entries – click here.

This week:

 Character – A Wicked Witch

 Action – Brewing Up Some Trouble

 Setting – Her Witch’s Alter

My entry: “A brew!” the witch cried. “I need a brew – one that will give me youth, locks of golden hair, and a silvery voice. Then I can charm my way to the crown. And once I’m queen, I will kill that rotten prince who dare exiled me to this place.” The old crone took out her iphone and ran her finger over the screen, “Where is that spellbook app? Blast!”

She tossed the phone over her shoulder and marched to her bookshelves. She took an old leather bound book and placed it in front of her alter. Candles burned around her as a small cauldron waited, its hungry mouth open wide.

“I guess I’ll have to do this the old fashion way,” she raised her arms. Pages flew, turning to a list of Potions. “Now, let’s see. Transfiguration, e coli, plague, poison… No, no, no,” she flipped the page. “Dragon’s Breath, fame, fortune, rumba… Ah! Yes, this will do. The Venus Potion! Tips of fur from a black cat and ears of a large bat,” she picked up the two bottles and threw the ingredients into the cauldron. “Lard from a porky pig,” she placed in a package of bacon, “the bark from a hemlock twig. Water from a scummy pond and magic from the great beyond!”

Lightning flashed outside as a purple liquid bubbled.

Create A Scene Tuesday (15)

What scene will you create? For rules – please see Create a Scene Tuesdays. Also check out last week’s entries – click here.

This week:

 Character – Someone in Their Late Teens/Early 20’s

 Action – Sensing a Ghost

 Setting – A Room

My entry: I lay in the dark on the rocky mattress. Like every night this semester, I couldn’t fall asleep. How could I, knowing what waited in the darkness of the dorm room.

How no one couldn’t notice is beyond me! That hatred and anger lingering in the air both day and night, it forced the breath from my lungs as if someone placed a boulder on my chest. Sometimes it was so strong I could just see its figure. He stood over my bed staring down at me. His face burnt beyond recognition. I could feel him feeding on my fear, plunging my soul into darkness and despair. No hope, no escape. I can just lay there, helpless.

How could no one see?

Create A Scene Tuesday (14)

What scene will you create? For rules – please see Create a Scene Tuesdays. Also check out last week’s entries – click here.

This week:

 Character – A Werewolf

 Action – What Werewolves Do Best

 Setting – City Park

My entry: Central Park was as quiet as the still air. A fog lingered just above the trimmed grass, coating each blade with a drop of dew. The rain clouds parted to reveal a haunting full moon. A werewolf’s paws silently pressed into the earth, hardly leaving a trace in the moist ground. She was on the prowl, her hunger driving a desperate search. Hunger, that’s all she could feel. Her mind would not focus on anything else. The taste of flesh and bone made her mouth water in anticipation.

Her sensitive ears perked up when the sound of laugher drifted from a park bench. She slipped into the brush and peeked into the clearing. Five college boys passed around beer cans to each other, laughing as they swapped tales.

The werewolf licked her chops, eyes narrowing on her prey. Meat, flesh, bone. It was all she could think about. She lowered herself to the ground, crawling closer and closer. One boy’s head turned as he spotted her eyes. They seemed almost human. She bounded towards them as the boys began to scatter, screaming for their lives.

Jenny shot up in bed. Her heart pounded in fear as she threw off her sheets, placing her feet on the cold wooden floors of her bedroom. She rubbed her face, only to smear fresh mud onto her cheeks. She looked down at her tattered nightgown, her hands and feet coated in mud.

Create A Scene Tuesday (13)

Yes! October is here! Time for some Halloween fun!

What scene will you create? For rules – please see Create a Scene Tuesdays.

This week:

 Character – A Monster

 Action – Trying to Scare Someone

 Setting – Anywhere

My entry: The monster waited in the walk-in closet as the light of the bedroom seeped under the door frame.

“Jasmine, there are no monsters in the closet!”

There was a soft mumble as the three year old spoke through her sheets that covered her face.

“Would you like me to send Boo in to inspect the closet for you?”

The child nodded.


The monster leapt back, squeezing himself onto a shelf. The door opened and the light on the ceiling illuminated the closet.

“Alright, Boo. Take a look around.”

A sly black cat entered the closet, strolling over to the opposite side. His whiskers twitched as he sniffed the air. The bright, green eyes scanned for the slightest hint.

Boo turned to the back of the closet, slowly making his way to the shelf. The monster slipped past once the cat’s back was turned. Boo’s nose wrinkled, catching the monster’s scent. He wheeled around.

The monster held his breath, staring down at his purple feet stuffed in a pair of dress-up high heels. A flower bonnet covered his face.


The cat turned and ran out the door.

“You see. No monsters. Good-night, Sweetheart.”

The lights went out. The monster edged from his hiding shot to the door. He opened it carefully. His orange eyes darted left to right. There was no one in sight. He grinned, revealing neon green teeth that glowed in the dark.

He moved swiftly towards the bed when he heard a growl. From behind a chest, Boo leapt onto the monster, hissing and clawing. The monster panicked. He threw the cat to the floor and rushed into the closet. He slammed the door shut, his heart racing in fear.


Create a Scene Tuesday (12)

Hi, everyone! So, this weekend, I forgot to come up with three hydra heads for this week’s create a scene. Aaugh! Wait though! Before you get out those rotten tomatoes, I decided that this would be a freebie week – any character, any action, any setting. Just let your imagination run wild! But, please remember to keep it rated PG. Oh, and you have until next Tuesday to enter – so no rush this week. I’ll be entering my entry later as well.

So, what scene will you create? For rules – please see Create a Scene Tuesdays. For last weeks entries – click here!

My entry:

Create a Scene Tuesday (11)

I know this entry is a little longer than usual and even features a sketch of the main character. So, let me explain 🙂 . Last week I dug up an old drawing of a character I created two years ago. However, even though I created the character, I could not find her story. When I found her last week, I felt I should give her life – even if it was just a short scene. I’m hoping that she will, one day, become the main character of a WIP, but no promises. I currently have three other writing projects fighting for my attention.

So, who is your hero? What scene will you create? For rules – please see Create a Scene Tuesdays. For last weeks entries – click here!

This week:

 Character – A Hero

 Action – Facing an Antagonist

 Setting – The Antagonist’s Lair

My entry: Lord Percival sat down to his feast as two young slaves placed his plate and poured his drink. He took one of the girl’s wrists, raising her hand to his lips and kissing her palm. The slave lowered her head as her eyes filled with disgust. She pulled back and walked to her post.

Lord Percival smiled. He threw back his black cape and reached for the roasted goose. A blood-red diamond tipped arrow sunk itself through the bird, cracking the plate and securing itself into the oak table.

“What the?” Lord Percival shot from his seat. “What is the meaning of this?”

“It’s a message,” called a beautiful voice.

Lord Percival gazed up at the beams across the ceiling. Hawk sat above, her leg dangling over the edge. Her hair was pinned up in a bun by two daggers with blood-red diamond blades. She took a bit of an apple, the red skin paled against her lips. She tossed the fruit to the stone floor.

“The people demand that you renounce the throne and put an end to your tyranny,” she continued.

“You! You are the one who has been attacking my guards and stealing my money!”

Hawk’s lips curled into a smile. She slid off the beam and landed gracefully onto the table. She wrapped her bow over her shoulder.

She strolled to the arrow, “The money belongs to the people and this land belongs to your predecessor. The one you accused of murder.”

Hawk pulled the arrow from the table and through the bird’s cooked flesh.


She kicked Lord Percival in the jaw, forcing him back into his chair. He tumbled to the floor. The servant girls gasped as they watched. Hawk sunk the heel of her boot into the Lord’s shoulder.

“What do you say, me lord? Exile or execution?”


Hawk placed the tip of her arrow under his chin, “You didn’t answer my question.”

“I will never surrender my throne! Not to that brat of a prince! And not to a wench such as yourself!”

Hawk knelt in closer, almost grinning to herself, “Good. It’s so much more fun this way.”

Two guards burst through the door. Hawk stood up.

“Kill her! KILL HER!”

Hawk kicked Lord Percival in the face and jumped back. The guards raised their crossbows. She pulled her daggers from her hair and set them fly through the air. They found their targets in the guards’ throats. Hawk stepped backwards, keeping her back to the wall as more guards raced into the dining hall. She glanced sideways and followed a rope to the chandelier over head. She grasped the rope and sliced it with the tip of an arrow.

The chandelier crashed onto the table, scattering crystals across the floor. Hawk was thrown into the air. She twisted around as she swung across the room, letting her back become a shield as she crashed through a stain glass window. She released the rope and plunged into the moat below.