Old Sturbridge Village, Massachusetts

Last Wednesday, my friend Marcie (2 Read Or Not 2 Read) and I were tweeting about historical research when she mentioned ~ “I love books but going to historical sites is so much fun!!! Do you have a favorite?”  - Yeah, had to ask like the toughest question in the world for me to answer! … Continue reading Old Sturbridge Village, Massachusetts

{Ketch’s Sketches} Afternoon Inspiration

If the above sketch looks familiar, you might have seen the pose in your grocery store. I’m not one to read fashion magazines, but when I saw the model on the cover my jaw dropped. She looked almost exactly how I imagined one of my characters I have developed, Morgan. That’s right, she’s a mermaid. … Continue reading {Ketch’s Sketches} Afternoon Inspiration

Old Salem, North Carolina

This weekend, I was able to escape for a short time, about five hours to be exact, into the colonial era. Old Salem is a Moravian community (established 1766) located in Winston – Salem. This is one of the best spots to visit if you’re interested in history. But, this is no usual colonial town. … Continue reading Old Salem, North Carolina

Where Do You Write?

Today’s Meet an Author Monday has a special theme: “Where you write”. The photo to the left is my colonial style – Adams office – desk, one of many places I write. You can see my poor, old laptop, my favorite journal, two of my favorite mugs (one of which is Dilbert saying “This has … Continue reading Where Do You Write?

How much is too much?

Book series come in many sizes. Nobody’s Princess is a series of two books. Dan Brown’s Robert Langdon has three. Harry Potter consists of seven novels. And a variety of mystery series extend over ten. But, when is a series complete? There are signs that a series is becoming too long. The issue I notice … Continue reading How much is too much?