{Blog Tour and Top Ten} Paranormal Bonds by Julie Catherine

Paranormal Bonds
Julie Catherine
(The High Council Witch Chronicles)
Publication date: April 12th 2022
Genres: Fantasy, Young Adult

When Mae Kingsley is forced to move into her family’s rundown lake house, she discovers small town living is not as simple as it seems. Bursts of violence, silent treatments, archaic rituals and two very cute guys with seriously mysterious motives all appear with the rising of the new moon.

But that’s nothing compared to the family secrets soon to be revealed. A box sealed in a vault, hidden rooms, naked swimming. There’s a trove of family revelations just beneath the floorboards, waiting to be exposed.

As the paranormal bonding season for the High Council Witches begins, Mae must quickly decide who to trust and who to fear before a deadly family tradition repeats itself and her chance to live a normal life completely disappears.

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***Top 10 Books that shaped me as an author***

  1. Watership Down – Richard Adams – an author creates elements in their universe. I still talk about animals going ‘tharn’ in fear.
  2. The World According to Garp – John Irving – with clever pacing, an author can hide something obvious so it becomes a big surprise!
  3. Big Magic – Elizabeth Gilbert – an author works with their muse.
  4. Syrup – Max Barry – a book’s tone can be sexy, fast and cool.
  5. Exodus – Leon Uris – an author can create epic, enormous stories that will grip you no matter your age.
  6. Pillars of the Earth – Ken Follet – a book can be sexy. Really sexy.
  7. The Hobbit – J.R. Tolkien – a book can make you weep. (This was the last war book I’ve ever read, just too sad, even in magical worlds.)
  8. The Archie comic books – if you have great characters, there are endless stories you can tell.
  9. R.L. Stine books – you don’t have to be bloody/gory to tell a scary, thrilling story.
  10. Over Yonder – Don MacLaughlin – this author was a friend whose manuscript I read. He did it and he did it well, and he made me realize, I could do it too!

***Author Bio***

Julie Catherine is an author, screenwriter and playwright.

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