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This is my post during the blog tour for The Glass Stone by Sara Michaels. The Glass Stone is a magical tale of hope and love inspired by the traditional story of Cinderella. Sometimes, just a little bit of magic is all you need to change the world.

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The Glass Stone

The Glass Stone (The Jeweled Fairytale Retellings #3)
By Sara Michaels
Genre: Fantasy/ Fairytale Retelling
Age category: Young Adult
Release Date: 5 April

Power can take many forms, but sometimes the greatest magic comes from inside you.

Asha has been a servant for the cruel Duke Bryce for as long as she can remember, and when he married Queen Ilma of the Wind Kingdom, she was dragged to the castle with him and his daughters.

Now, the death of the queen has thrown the castle into panic: if her son, Prince Aither, doesn’t marry before his 18th birthday, the throne will go to Duke Bryce.

Prince Aither knows he must choose a wife, and he’s resigned to his fate. But Duke Bryce has his own ideas about who his bride should be, and if he gets his way, no one will be happy.

Asha is used to watching everything unfold from her place in the kitchen, but she soon finds herself on an unexpected quest set to change her life forever.

Meanwhile, Prince Aither must find a way to make the best of what seems like a hopeless situation and use his powerful magic as a force for good in the kingdom.

The Glass Stone is a magical tale of hope and love inspired by the traditional story of Cinderella. Sometimes, just a little bit of magic is all you need to change the world.

Lose your head in the clouds with Asha and Aither on their magical journey.

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***Guest Post***

Which classic fairytale is your most favorite, and which is your least favorite? Why?

One of my favorite classic fairy tales is Beauty and the Beast. I really enjoy Belle’s ambitions, how she commanded respect in some iterations, and her loyalty to her father and family. I’ve also always connected with her over our love of books, and our appreciation of all genres.

While I like the idea of the classic fairytale, Sleeping Beauty, it’s definitely my least favorite. (It’s SO much darker than contemporary iterations insinuate.) It involves both good and evil intentions, enchantments and magic, the love of family, when they rid the kingdom of the item that may kill their daughter, and a lot of other darker and more twisted things. And while I would normally like those things, the original tale talks about forced pregnancy and involuntary childbirth, which are not things I can get behind. I will say that more recent reimaginations feature one of my favorite villains: Maleficent.

***About the Author***

Sara lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband and two dogs. A lover of the written word from an early age, Sara reads everything from middle grade to young adult and adult novels. She loves genres ranging from science fiction and fantasy to contemporary and historical fiction, which is why she writes and plans to publish across several genres, including contemporary, romance, young adult fantasy, and science fiction.

When she’s not writing, you can find her playing video games, reading way too many books at the same time, singing to music, or riding her motorcycle around a beautiful Washington backdrop. She also writes for several online blogs and newspapers.

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