{Happy New Year} A 2021 Sum Up and Goals for 2022

Happy New Year to All My Readers!


Hope everyone is having a safe New Year. I know I’ve been checking in more frequently, but here are a few things that has occurred in my life during 2021.

2021 Highlights:

  1. Writing, sketching, and publishing. In September 2021, I published my new adult contemporary fantasy novel, Bly. Also, right before November, I finished writing and editing Sekhmet’s short story as part of the Dark Reflection Short Story Collection. I’ll release more information in either February or March. This year, I wrote 13,796 words during NaNoWriMo as I started drafting my current WIP, Anubis (Working Title). And I continued using NaNoWriMo to plan out my December and January goals for the novel.
  2. Reading. I read 36 books. Not as many as last year, but it was more an equal balance between young adult novels and manga throughout the year. You can check out my stats at Goodreads.
  3. Litten Nikola Update. Litten will be three-years-old this February. If you remember, in 2020, he suffered an anxiety attack. He’s been much better this year. He’s still on calm food and wears a calming collar, but other than that, he’s back to his normal troublemaker self. Lol.
  4. Continue Education. I major blessing in 2021 was being accepted into a Data Analysis Graduate Certificate Program in July. I left my day job shortly after being accepted. I loved my first semester, and passed with a 95%.
  5. Health. My health hasn’t been the best the past year. First, I ended up with episodes of severe palpations from February to August. Then there was my low cortisol results, which the doctor wanted to do further test for, but because of my current insurance situation, I couldn’t cover the cost. And I have had continued gut trouble since September. So, not so brilliant, there.

New Goals for 2022:

I’m not coming up with new goals for 2022, since things were a bit off last year. I’ll more try to continue what I have been doing, especially the past few months. Hopefully, my health will sort out as well.

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