{Sunday Musings} Autumn Check In

Hall of JudgementHope everyone is well and safe. Thought I check in, again. A lot has happened since June. To begin, I applied and was accepted into a Data Analysis Graduate Certificate Program! This is something I wanted for a long time. End of July, I left my day job to become a full-time student, and now, I’m entering my sixth week of classes and loving every minute.

My heart palpitations have been more under control since August. I’ve only had a couple episodes, but they have been mild compared to previous. However, hormone tests revealed I have below normal cortisol levels (the stress hormone). This could be caused by a few things, none of which sound brilliant. Unfortunately, my current insurance doesn’t cover the additional testing the doctor recommends, and I can’t pay the out-of-pocket expense. So, for now, this will just have to wait. The good news, based on what I was told, I’m not currently showing any other signs that come from a low cortisol condition.

As for writing, I’ve been getting more into the swing of things. Bly has been released! I have completed the first round of edits for my short story, Dark Goddess, and have sent it back to my editor for round two. And my new adult novel, Anubis, is coming along. I’ve been sketching out the main settings (such as the image above) and have reached chapter 3 of the book. I’ve also been getting back into some marketing, with major budget constraints. Lol.

Thank you all for your support! I’ll check in again when winter comes.