{Sunday Musings} Mid-Year Check In

Egyptian IbHope everyone is well and safe. Thought I take a moment and check in. Things haven’t exactly been brilliant, particularly with my health. I used my sketch, the Egyptian Ib, as the image for this post because I feel it’s symbolic of a few aspects currently happening in my life. But, let me first explain what the ib represents. The ib is the heart, which in ancient Egypt was represented by a vase with handles. Anubis (Anpu), depicted on the vase in the sketch, was the god of the underworld and the overseer of the weighing of the hearts. A process which determined if you would pass into the afterlife or not.

The ib is important because, since February, I’ve been having heart palpitations, including one event that felt severe enough that it felt like a heart attack. Thankfully, the ECG showed that it was not a heart attack, but I have been going from doctor appointment to doctor appointment for over a month now. I’m currently on medication, but the cause of the palpitations is still unclear, so more tests are in my future. Because of this and other events, I have moved my release date for Bly into September, and as announced earlier this week, the cover reveal will be July 22nd.

Additionally, as you might guess, I haven’t been doing much writing. I did finish my short story about Sekhmet. It’s currently with my editor. But Radioactive has not been speaking to me. So, I have moved onto outlining/writing my new adult novel, Anubis. Though, with my health, I’m not pressuring myself to get my next novel, itself, done anytime soon. I’m more focused on planning the settings, creating blueprints of buildings, and sketching elements that I will be including in the future novel. I’m also taking a small break from marketing, and I decided to close the New Adult Scavenger Hunt.

I haven’t been able to get out much, but during the Memorial Weekend, I was lucky enough to visit the Golden Mummies exhibit at the NC Museum of Art. Eight mummies from the Graeco-Roman Period are on display until July 11th. They were discovered in Hawara in 1888-89. Along with the mummies, there were several beautiful god and goddess figures, papyrus, masks, and portraits. I truly enjoyed it!

Hope to bring you more news as the year progresses.

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