{Sunday Musings} Redemption in Descendants of Isis

32675-132One theme found in many of my books is redemption. In my young adult fantasy series, the Descendants of Isis, it’s one of the major themes when it come to my main character, Seth O’Keefe.

If you started reading Daughter of Isis (Descendants of Isis #1) today, you would find out first hand that Seth is definitely not the perfect book boyfriend. He’s does things that generally make people’s skin crawl. It’s what he does. That is the life he was born into.

Seth’s family worships the Egyptian god of chaos, Set, and he and his father are the last two men blessed with the power of charm, or the ability to magically manipulate their victim’s mind. The expectations placed on Seth and his future in his cult are phenomenal. And it also doesn’t help that his cravings for lust and greed resonate from a dark presence (a beast) that rules over his heart.

But redemption isn’t always about righting all the wrongs someone has done in their lifetime. That would be impossible, particularly in Seth’s case. It’s about finding a reason to repent and to change and being brave enough to do so. For Seth, that reason is Natara Stone. And what he does for her—how he changes—could cost him not only his life, but his very soul.