{Book Blitz} Veiled by Michelle Areaux (@michelleareaux)

by Michelle Areaux
Genre: YA Fantasy/Supernatural/Romance
Release Date: March 4th 2020


Audrey is supposed to be attending the exclusive performing arts academy she has dreamed of attending her entire life. However, one wrong click landed her at the exclusive House of Shadows a… vampire academy.
Once Audrey discovers the truth of where she is, it is too late to leave without an entire coven of vampires realizing she is human and their next meal. Forced to remain at the academy, Audrey finds herself fitting in a world unlike any she had ever imagined. As she settles into her new role, a dark secret emerges and Audrey is now in danger…again.
Only, one boy can save Audrey from a dark secret lurking within the House of Shadows. But, will his desire to save her withstand the hunger he feels for her? Discover this exciting new academy series today!

Fans of the House of Night and Twilight will adore this new series.

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As Zane sat there with me, curious eyes roamed over us. “Why is everyone looking at us?” I asked, awkwardly glancing around the room.

“Because I can’t seem to leave your side,” Zane said, never taking his eyes off of me.

“What do you mean? They know you are one of my guards, isn’t that your job?” I argued.

Shaking his head, Zane leaned back in his chair and relaxed, dripping his arm across the back of my chair. “Sure, they know I am one of your guards, but there are three of us for a reason: so, we can all take breaks, not hoover too much. But, I can’t just let anyone protect you. Outside of a few guys from my old high school, I haven’t really dated much. More than anything, I would say they are surprised to see me falling for you,” he said.

Falling for me?

His words hit me like a tidal wave. I knew he liked me and our spark and connection was strong, but did he feel the same way for me as I did for him?

Leaning in, I lowered my voice so others around us couldn’t hear me. “But, if they know how you feel, won’t you get into trouble?” I asked.

“Let me worry about that. I know this whole Vampire world is still new to you, but outside of here, there are humans and Vampires co-existing. Some, even build relationships and live together. It isn’t something talked about for our safety and the safety of humans, but it does happen. We just have to be careful…” Zane trailed off, leaving the implication of what he was saying hanging between us.

He didn’t need to say it for me to understand what he was talking about. If we were to ever move further– into a physical relationship– I could end up hurt or even dead. I shuddered just thinking of that.

There was so much at stake being here and falling for Zane. But, my heart wasn’t reasoning with the logical part of my brain. They were at war with one another and I was afraid one of us would become a casualty.

***About the Author***

Michelle Areaux is a wife, mother, and seventh grade Language Arts teacher.

She earned her Bachelor’s degree at the University of Kentucky and a Master’s degree in Literacy from Asbury University.

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