{Character Profile} Mandy from Name of Ra

Character Profile:

Name: Mandy Brown
Age: 18
Hair Color: Blond
Eye Color: Light Blue
Son of Set Social Standing: Slave and wife of the hem-netjer
Power: None
Closest Friends: Her sisters of the temple
Relationship(s): Sean O’Keefe (husband), Set (second husband)


Serving her god. It is a privilege to serve Set, but there is no greater honor than to be his wife. That is what the priests of Set’s temple told Mandy. And being a loyal follower, she will fulfill her every god’s wish. Even if she must step aside when Set takes another queen by his side.

Her future son. She does not know why, but she feels strongly bonded to her unborn son. The son of the Hem-netjer. With the tutoring of her god and husband, Set, she knows he will be a great leader of the Sons of Set.

Fashion. Compared to what she was forced to wear as a temple slave, the clothing Sean and Set bestowed upon her are a great privilege to wear. They are crafted of the finest cotton and linen. In addition, Set has her temple sisters dress her and do her hair and make-up, spoiling her further.


Natara Stone. Mandy is not completely aware of her life prior to serving the Sons of Set, she feels a deep seated jealously toward Natara. Not only because of the love Seth, her first husband’s son and the traitor, shows Natara, but because Set plans to make her his future queen.

Rejection. Especially being rejected by Seth. Though he is a traitor, she can’t help be drawn to his presence. He sparks memories. Memories of the life prior to her life in Set’s temple. Unfortunately, those memories continually slip away.

Set’s temple. She didn’t know what the world was like outside Set’s temple before becoming Sean’s wife. But even before her new surroundings, she didn’t like the atmosphere within Set’s temple. The temple outfits, alone, made the environment uncomfortable. She only wishes she could have brought all her temple sisters to the surface with her.

Quote: “Will I always come second to her?”