{Happy New Year} A 2019 Sum Up and Goals for 2020

Happy New Year to All My Readers!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful New Year. 2019 was not the easiest for me, much like the year before. But, as always, several good things happened as well.

2019 Highlights:

  1. I started the year strong in writing and publishing. In April 2019, I published my new adult fantasy/horror novel, Dark Reflections, as I hoped. Sales are low (most likely due to the fact I hardly had time to market), but reviews have been encouraging. Also, this past summer, I wrote a short story that I decided to publish, which should come out early 2020. However, by the beginning of Fall 2019, I hardly wrote a word, particularly in my new adult fantasy, Bly. I didn’t even get a chance to join NaNoWriMo.
  2. A new family member joined the Ketch Team, May 2019. You probably have seen him all over my Instagram and Facebook. Litten, my black kitten, is growing up so fast. He’s high energy has brought a lot of activity into the house. His favorite toy is a little rattle mouse that we play “fetch” with throughout the house. He turned 10 months in December and is about 12 pounds.
  3. I joined the Non-Degree Program at the local university. I wanted to improve my work in biology by increasing my knowledge in statistics. So, I took one course during the Fall semester while working my full time job. I did pass the course, but because of the stress of my schedule and how quickly my health degraded, I will not be continuing next semester. I going to focus on other things and self-teach when I can, instead.

New Goals for 2020:

  1. Health: First and foremost, I need to refocus on my health. Especially with work planning several weeks of travel and field work. Plus, I want to travel to London, England sometime this year. So, I’m going to pick back up my Qigong lessons, some new strength exercises, and my old walking routine and get my body back into shape.
  2. Writing: My main focus for the year will be writing and revising Bly, but I might squeeze in another short story if I’m inspired.
  3. Publishing: Mostly, I’ll only be working on publishing my short story. I looking at a release in February, if all goes well. I might start the publishing process for Bly near the end of the year, but I’m not stressing any publishing schedule, at this time.
  4. Marketing/Blogging: I think I’ll keep the status quo in these fields until I catch up on some writing and get my schedule more stable.

How about you? What did you finish in 2019? What are your 2020 goals?