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Limbonian (Vessel of Lost Souls #2)
by Mikki Noble
Genre: YA Paranormal Romance/Urban Fantasy
Release Date: September 15th 2019


I am not completely useless.

Although, I feel like it lately. I lose more and more control over my emotions every day and I don’t know why. Is it because my best friend was murdered just steps away from me, or because my father has been taken? Maybe it’s because I had magic for about five minutes and lost it.

Everyone has a plan to follow. Me? Try to get my powers back or sit around waiting with my tail between my legs—and that’s just not going to happen. If getting my magic back is going to help my friends, then that’s what I have to do.

How do I fend off an anger that is so compelling and powerful it makes me forget just who the heck I am before I chase off everyone I love? How can I save two people I am destined not to?

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Goodreads | Amazon


Everything vanishes; the television, fireplace, sofas and various accessories all disappear into the ground, dropping out of view entirely as if I’ve taken the elevator down. Shawn, Noah and Gavin are gone. My view becomes a warm, summer beach. I watch the waves on a steady sway back and forth, reminding me of the lake by my house. Birds chirp and the sun beams across the rippling water. I feel at ease until I hear, “What the heck are you doing here?” She doesn’t sound happy to see me, but then she squeals, “Marley, I missed you.”

Kimmy rushes up to me and hugs me fiercely, nearly cutting off my air supply. She is dressed in her favorite yellow bikini and has a slight tan to her already tanned skin. “Kimmy.” I hug her back, just as fiercely.

I can’t believe my eyes. My best friend is standing right here, right in front of me. But I was just in my living room with the boys. Somehow, I must have travelled to Aeaea, again—the island inside of Limbo. “How am I here, right now?”

“You’re not dead, I hope.”

“No,” I tell her.

“Then I don’t care how you got here. I’m just happy to see you.”

“I thought I could only come here when Gavin was here.”

“Guess not, but this is fantastic. You can tell me how everything is going back home. I mean, I got to see Shawn for like a second in the mirror this morning—”

“Is that because he was with Noah?”

“No, he wasn’t with Noah at the time. Why?”

I shake my head, aiming my eyes down at the sand. I stare at a rock nestled in the grains and try to figure out how I get myself into these messes. “Well, Noah and Shawn are at my house right now.”

Kimmy’s eyes go wide-eyed. She looks like how I felt when I first saw them. “So, he knows. How is he?”

“I was just trying to explain everything to him. He’s a hard-headed boy, that one.”

“Can’t argue. What else?”

Where do I even start? My life lately is like I’ve fallen into a well and every time I scrape my fingers and toes along the sides and reach the top, someone or something is there to kick my butt back down.

“Let’s find Circe first,” I suggest. “It’s so good to see you, even under these circumstances. I’ve missed you.”

“I feel like I haven’t seen you in forever.”

“To you,” I say, “I guess it’s been a while. It’s only been four days up there in the land of the living.”

“Wow. So, what do you think of my surprise soul mate?”

***About the Author***

As far back as she can remember, Mikki was creating characters and stories in her head. It wasn’t until fate brushed the tip of its wings over her eyes that she began to see that writing was what she was born to do. She loves animals, reading, everything supernatural related, and enjoys spending her free time on social media whenever she can.

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