{Character Profile} Alana Jones from Dark Reflections

Character Profile:

Name: Alana
Age: 19
Hair Color: Blue-black hair
Eye Color: Chestnut
Closest Friends: Jamie, Allen, Nikola
Boyfriend: Jason (past), Cole (present)

Personality: Sweet, timid, caring


Art. Alana is a natural artist. She uses her talents to express her emotions, fantasies, and her heritage. Her favorite media being oil pastels and graphite pencil. Many of her current works can be found at the Miami Beach Indy Gallery, Perspectives.

Unusual food. Though good with traditional foods, Alana prefers unique tastes. She and her friend, Jamie, would spend hours experimenting in the kitchen. Her favorite pizza is Greek-Hawaiian, which consists of tomato sauce, mozzarella and feta cheese, artichoke hearts, Canadian bacon, sliced olives, frozen pineapple, basil, and oregano.

Unique antiques. Anything that stands out or has a unique story to tell. That is what originally drew her to the mirror which contained Charissa’s spirit.


Feeling helpless. A common feeling Alana has had over the past year. She hates the fact that she can’t do anything to stop Charissa from killing innocent victims. The weight of their deaths crushes down on her shoulders every day. If only there was something she could do.

Theft. Especially when its Charissa stealing Alana’s hard-earned money. Charissa hardly leaves a dime for Alana or her donors for food and supplies. Instead, the vampire likes to spend it on high end fashion.

Manipulation. Alana hates being manipulated or having to use manipulation. But her new life has forced her to both take as well as give it in order to bargain for money.

Favorite Scene: I barely noticed the footsteps outside the apartment door. Then came the soft knock and the “plop” sound of pages being laid on the ground. My spine stiffens at first. My thoughts returning to the ghosts from earlier. Fortunately, the departing footsteps tell me the person or ghost is already nearing the second floor. I look at my fingers, which are stained aqua, teal, gray, and turquoise. I use the back of my hand to swipe a stray strand of hair from my vision, pick up a towel, and walk to the door. I use the towel to open the door—to avoid smearing the oil all over the handle and wood—and peek through the crack. As I suspected, Cole had already left, causing a lump to lodge in my throat. I look down at my feet to find a sketchbook opened to a blank page near the end. The paper mildly wrinkled from moisture, and the graphite sprinkled with sand. In graphite pencil, Cole had written:

Join me in the kitchen tomorrow morning, first thing.

Being possessed by a vampire sucks!

Alana Jones’s world has been completely turned upside-down after being bitten by a vampire’s reflection in a cursed mirror. Now she’s forced to stay in an abandoned Victorian inn on an isolated island off the west coast of Florida, where Alana lives a double life: one as herself and one as a vicious murderer. Over the past year, she has spilt and drunk the blood of sixteen victims. The guilt of their deaths slowly eating away her sanity.

Sixteen dead . . .

However, things become even more complicated when Alana finds Cole, a surfer she felt a connection with the moment they met on the mainland, locked up in the island’s shed. Knowing his death is inevitable, she attempts to distant herself from him, continually reminding herself of the monster residing underneath her skin. Unfortunately, it’s a small island, and the more she interacts with Cole, the more her feelings grow for him.

Eventually, she has to make a decision. Either accept his fate or find a way to expel the vampire’s spirit from within herself before she murders him as well.

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