{Spotlight} Keeper of Destinies by Jennifer Malone Wright (@Jennichad217)

39067277Keeper of Destinies (Graveyard Guardians #5)
By Jennifer Malone Wright
Released: June 14th, 2019


He is a Keeper of souls and she can see what his future holds.

As the oldest of seven siblings, Greg has always been the one to protect his brothers and sisters. He is also a guardian of souls, keeping the spirits safe from the soul-eating Reapers. With so much responsibility, he hasn’t had much time to concentrate on his personal life. But that all changes when Emily knocks on his door and tells him she has to move in with him.

Emily is Seer who can see visions of the past and future. After an unexpected flash of what fate holds for Greg, Emily finds herself once again involved with the Estmond family and their war with the Reapers. She goes to the family to warn them, but the last thing she expected was to develop feelings for the man she simply wanted to help.

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Jennifer Malone Wright is best known for her best selling short story series, The Vampire Hunter’s Daughter. Other works include the follow up to The Vampire Hunter’s Daughter series called The Arcadia Falls Chronicles and her full length vampire novel called Savior (A Higher Collective Novel).

She resides in the beautiful mountains of northern Idaho with her husband and five children where she practices preparing for the zombie apocalypse. Just kidding!

But seriously, between the craziness of taking care of her children, Jennifer has little time left for herself. The time she does have left, usually leading far into the night, is spent working on her beloved fiction or chatting with her equally crazy friends.

Jennifer also loves coffee, has a passionate affair with red bull, wishes the sushi were better where she lives and dances while she cleans.