Post Release Thoughts and Next WIP


I used to think publishing my books would get easier over time. But it’s still a major emotional roller coaster of anxiety, happiness, and fear. Will my book do well? Will it find its audience? Will people want to read it? I kind of feel I just dropped my child off at the college dorms. On top of it, the process of publishing Dark Reflections had several bumps in the road. Both the cover design artist who did Death Island’s cover and my original formatter both went out of business. Fortunately, that lead me to Under Cover Designs, who did a spectacular job with both the cover and formatting! Then, having three blackouts on the day I was attempting to publish Dark Reflections didn’t help. At least the power came back on in time to finish publishing before the day was out. And finally, there was a problem with one of my accounts during releasing the e-book version of Dark Reflections. Thankfully, this was solved a few days later.

I would have fried my circuits, if it wasn’t for a new strategy I wanted to try. For the past year, I’ve been focusing on learning Zen and Lean Leadership to better myself at work. It’s been going well, so far, which is why I’ve started applying it to my writing as well. Particularly the part about assigning yourself reasonable deadlines. Because of the rough patches early on and how my day job duties have been changing, I wanted to be more flexible about the Dark Reflections release. This is why I announced a release month rather than a specific date. Fortunately, with Under Cover Designs’s great work and turnover time, I actually was able to publish earlier than the deadline I set for myself. Making the ripples I faced during the release less impactive.

And now, Dark Reflections is out—which I’m still in a little semi-disbelief about—and I am happy to see it available for the world to read.

My mind is still recuperating from the post project emotions I often run into, but I already have a good start on my next novel, Bly. This the project I started during NaNoWriMo last November. The novel will be a contemporary retelling of the classic novella, The Turn of the Screw by Henry James. In it, a spiritual empath named Astyr moves from the United States to England to get away from a troubled past, only to get a job involving a haunted Victorian mansion that the owner is attempting to renovate and resell. I’m excited to get into the novel as well as my research into different hauntings in England. I’m not sure what the publishing timeline will be. Like with Dark Reflections, I’m going to be flexible. So, I will wait until after my second draft is complete to announce a possible release month.

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