Celebrating 5 Years of Publishing

I’m one for celebrating milestones—even the little milestones. I celebrated the day I signed with an agent (as brief as a time that was), the end of each project or novel, the number of blog posts I’ve written, and the number of followers I reach on different social media. But this milestone snuck up on me without warning. It’s hard to believe, but today, is Daughter of Isis’s 5th book birthday and my 5-year publishing anniversary.

It doesn’t feel that long since I self-published my first book, and at the same time, it feels like it’s been a million years. Most likely because how far my mind has traveled between worlds. Through my writing, I’ve bounced between modern day to ancient Egypt or to 18th century. I’ve been to California, England, the Yucatan, Miami Beach, and the Dry Tortugas. All in five years. Through it all, ancient mythology and folklore acted as my guide through Egyptian and Mayan gods, demons, vampires, ghosts, and magic. I’ve stepped into each of my characters’ shoes using daily life of ancient cultures and my own, personal experiences. Especially those I had in high school and college.

It’s been an amazing journey, even though it took place mostly inside my own head. I’m looking forward to my next 5-years, which at this time promises witches, science-fiction adventures, and more Egyptian gods.

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