Geb (Seb), God of the Earth

Geb.svgGreek Name: Geb
Egyptian Name: Seb or Keb
Associated Animals: Goose, Snake, and Bull
Main Cult Center: Heliopolis
Role: Earth; Fertility

Geb isn’t included in the Descendants of Isis series, but without him, there wouldn’t be a series. Geb is the god of the earth. He is the son of Shu, the god of air, and Tefnut, goddess of moisture. His wife is his sister and goddess of the sky, Nut.

In one mythology, Geb angered his grandfather, Ra, by locking himself in a perpetual embrace with Nut. Ra ordered they be separated by their father, Shu, who stood on Geband lifted Nut high above him—creating the atmosphere. However, Nut was already pregnant and eventually gave birth to Osiris, Isis, Set, and Nephthys. Geb wept when he was separated from Nut, creating the oceans.

Associated with vegetation and the lush farm land of the Nile, Geb was painted green with patches of vegetation over his body when he was in human form. He’s also usually shown reclining beneath Nut leaning on one elbow and one knee bent toward the sky to represent the mountains and valleys. Earthquakes were thought to be his laughter, and he was thought to supply the minerals and precious stones from the mines and caves of Egypt.

However, his role had a dark side. Having authority over the tombs buried in the earth, Geb was able to imprison the dead in his body. Therefore, he was often depicted by the base of the sarcophagus and his wife on the cover, indicating that the dead were protected by both deities.


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