{Personality Quiz} Which Death Island Bachelor is Your Soulmate?

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Take the quiz and comment your results below.

1. What color eyes do you find most attractive?

A. Sea blue

B. Green

C. Hazel

D. Deep blue

2. What is one of your most favorite pass times?

A. Cooking

B. Exploring

C. Horse riding

D. Reading books

3. What do you look for in a soulmate?

A. Kind-hearted

B. Passionate

C. Manners

D. Educated

4. What behavior would you tolerate?

A. Someone who doesn’t take anything seriously

B. Bad temper

C. Envy

D. Domineering

5. What kind of house would you like to live in?

A. An inn

B. House boat

C. Mansion

D. London flat

6. What pet do you prefer?

A. A dog

B. A cat

C. A horse

D. None

7. What is your favorite British T.V. show?

A. Hamish Macbeth

B. Poldark

C. Downton Abbey

D. Sherlock

8. What is your dream first date?

A. A nice dinner out

B. Walk on the beach

C. An invite to a fancy event

D. Coffee

9. What’s your favorite social media?

A. Pinterest

B. Twitter

C. Facebook

D. YouTube


If you got…

Mostly A’s: Matthew Kettlesworth—5’ 11’’ tall, ash-brown hair, and sea blue eyes, you’ll fall head-over-heels for this smooth galley cook. Trained in London, Matthew will cook you any dish you crave, whether it’s sweet or savory. He’s loyal, kind-heated, and a great listener to tell all your troubles to. His only flaw is that he doesn’t always take things as seriously as he should. However, he’ll be there for you when you need him the most.

Mostly B’s: Gregory Wilson—6’ tall, ginger hair, and peridot green eyes, you’ll be swept off your feet by this battered and bruised colonist. Originally trained as a blacksmith, Greg has survived an abusive father, a war, and being shanghaied by pirates. He’s protective, passionate, and even has a soft spot for animals. His biggest flaw is his quick temper, which he inherited from his father. However, he’s doing all he can to be the better man.

Mostly C’s: Rupert Railing—5’ 10’’ tall, blond hair, and mesmerizing hazel eyes, you’ll be charmed by this adventurous aristocrat. Thrown out of his mother’s home in London, Rupert is trapped by his domineering father in a small, no name village. He’s caring, values manners, and brilliant in business and history. His main flaws are his arrogance and envy of others that masks all his better qualities. However, despite the front, he’ll steadily grow on you over time.

Mostly D’s: George Hobson—5’ 10’’ tall, black hair, and deep blue eyes, you’ll be enchanted by this tender sawbones. Fresh from medical training, George has dreamt of settling down in a small village where he knows everyone’s name. He’s sensitive, intelligent, and willing to fight for what is right. His only flaw is his domineering behavior, assuming he knows exactly what is best for others even when it’s not. However, this doctor’s bedside manner will win you over.